Esperanza Spalding, Thelonious Monk, Ravi Coltrane and Grammy winners Harmonize on May 13th.

Indican Pictures will release the award-winning film A History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears on May 13, 2014.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Los Angeles/California – A History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears features legendary Grammy musicians and their contribution to the only true American art form; Jazz. The film has garnered worldwide attention, numerous accolades and multiple wins throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

The film touches upon the influence of jazz from its creation by former African slaves – to the contributions jazz played in the Civil Rights movement, in aiding the war effort and even upon the President of the United States Barack Obama. Featuring terrific performances from a slew of jazz greats, the film provides a historic capsule while provoking the viewers to contemplate a larger world view.

Chronicling the rise of jazz music commencing in the capital, Washington, D.C. through its ascension in New Orleans and ending in New York, the film not only shows the viewer the history of jazz, but also reveals the future as it captures the spirit of its next generation. Through rare recordings and revealing interviews the film takes an emotional journey with jazz luminaries and rising artists including Esperanza Spalding, Billy Taylor, Buck Hill, Butch Warren, Eric Lewis, Chuchito Valdes, among others.

Perhaps this stems from the director, Dr. Stefan Immler whose prolific career as a NASA astrophysicist (a designer of the Hubble Telescope) or because a recording of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Melancholy Blues’ was literally included on a rocket sent into space for first contact with other life forms. Reviews describe A History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears as “A rich kaleidoscope of music, voices, history, talent, momentum, emotional colours, and potential, as rich and diverse a celebration as jazz itself!” Or this simple review – “A revolutionary film,” exclaims the head of the DC Jazz Festival.

One can only hope as the footage of Esperanza Spalding winning the 2011 Grammy Award for Best New Artist over Justin Bieber attests to and including her subsequent performance at the White House for the Obamas, that jazz is not dead, but being revitalized and is undergoing a rebirth into cool.

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