Colorado Entrepreneur Kathy Green Blends Fragrant Natural Salves for Earth Day 2014 Celeb Event

Colorado entrepreneur Kathy Green of Dragonfly Dew will have her handcrafted, all natural salves included in a collaborative gift bag being prepared by The Artisan Group® in honor of Earth Day 2014. The gift bag will go to some of Hollywood’s most eco-conscious celebrities.

Online PR News – 16-April-2014 – Denver, Colorado – Colorado entrepreneur Kathy Green, owner of Dragonfly Dew (, will have her handcrafted and all natural 3 Golden Petals/Spiced Mint Salve Set included in an exclusive collaborative gift bag being prepared by California-based The Artisan Group® in honor of Earth Day 2014. The gift bag, which is comprised entirely of earth-friendly handcrafted gifts, will be delivered to some of Hollywood’s most eco-conscious celebrities in time for the April 22 holiday.

Recipients of the gift bag include Jessica Alba, Emma Watson, Edward Norton, Adrian Grenier,, Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore, Woody Harrelson, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Ted Danson, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz, John Mayer, Geena Davis, Barbra Streisand, Alicia Silverstone, Ian Somerhalder, Lisa Kudrow, Mark Ruffalo, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, and Neil Patrick Harris.

The 3 Golden Petals Salve and Spiced Mint Salve are normally sold separately but have been packaged as a set in honor of Earth Day. The two products were selected by Dragonfly Dew owner Kathy Green for this gifting to “demonstrate how plants and trees can provide us with fabulous oils, butters, herbs and flowers that are great for our skin.”

The 3 Golden Petals Salve is formulated with organic Calendula, Chamomile and Helichrysum flowers that have been solar infused in pure organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 3 months. The infused flowers are then expertly blended with pure Colorado beeswax. The end result is a gentle salve that is excellent for cuts, bruises, bumps and scrapes and that makes a wonderful daily treatment for dry, itchy, scaly skin.

Spiced Mint Hand & Cuticle Salve incorporates Apricot and Rice Bran Oils with Shea and Cocoa Butters to provide an ultra-creamy texture and long-lasting moisture. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Ginger and Sweet Orange essential oils provide antiseptic and antioxidant benefits and an appealing fragrance.

Recipients of the Earth Day 2014 gift bags will find their Dragonfly Dew gift wrapped in a custom designed and hand stamped, unbleached muslin bag printed with nontoxic ink. Tucked inside the bags will be the two salves and a specially designed Earth Day 2014 thank you note with a photo Kathy took hiking the Continental Divide near where she lives. Both salves are packaged in recyclable containers.

At Dragonfly Dew we operate under the principle that Mother Nature not laboratories provides the best ingredients for your skin

“At Dragonfly Dew, we operate under the principle that Mother Nature, not laboratories, provides the best ingredients for your skin,” said Kathy. “These salves are great for anyone looking for pure and natural beauty products. They are wonderful for dry, irritated or sensitive skin and for the high percentage of people who have sensitivities to artificial fragrances and synthetic ingredients.”

The 3 Golden Petals/Spiced Mint Hand & Cuticle Salve Set retails for $26.00 and is available for purchase on the Dragonfly Dew website.

Dragonfly Dew was established in 2010 in response to owner Kathy Green’s desire to create products that were good for her skin as well as good for the earth.

Kathy’s very sensitive skin has been the testing ground for her formulations and allows her to blend together ingredients from nature which work beautifully together without causing irritation. Products are Petrolatum, mineral oil, SLS and Paraben free and are formulated without the use of palm, palm oil, lard, tallow, artificial colors, fragrances or flavors. All products are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

Each ingredient is chosen not just for its skin benefits but also for its safety and its impact on the planet. “Just because something is organic or natural does not always make it safe for your skin, or the best solution for the earth,” notes Kathy. “It’s not only about choosing natural over synthetic, it’s about choosing what’s best for your skin while doing what’s morally right for the planet.”

Kathy and her family have lived in Colorado for 17 years and still marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature. She says, "It's one of the most beautiful places on earth and I'm proud to call it my home."

Kathy is member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild and the Colorado Lavender Association of Western Colorado. She is also a proud member of The Artisan Group®, a by-invitation-only, juried arts promotion group whose mission is promoting handcrafted goods through participation in elite awards show gift lounges and partnering with Hollywood stylists.

In addition to participating in The Artisan Group’s Earth Day 2014 initiative, Dragonfly Dew recently gifted its Charcoal & Mud Spa Soap at GBK’s Luxury Celebrity Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Nominees & Presenters.

Dragonfly Dew products are available to purchase online; at the weekly Woodland Park Farmers Market in Woodland Park, Colorado, which ranks in the top 40 Farmers Markets in the United States; and at select juried art and crafts shows.

To learn more about Dragonfly Dew, including how it got its name, visit the company's website or contact Kathy Green by email using the Contact Author button on the right sidebar. Become a fan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (@dragonflydew).

For more information about The Artisan Group, visit or contact Valerie Guerrero at valerie[at]

Dragonfly Dew ( is the place for truly natural, “Purely good for your skin” bath and body products created to pamper the skin and the senses. Dragonfly Dew is 100% committed to taking care of the earth in its choice of ingredients, services and practices. Its products are good for your skin, while being good for the earth!

Dragonfly Dew is owned by Kathy Green, a nature loving, earth advocate, wildlife enthusiast and lifelong gardener. She lives among the Ponderosa Pines in Monument, Colorado, a small town located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

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