Sun Innovations Introduces Color Transparent Display MediaGlass & Laser DLP Head-up Display System

Sun Innovations presents world's only Color Transparent MediaGlass Display System with ability to exhibit high quality videos and Full Windshield Head-Up Display (HUD) with aptitude to transmit critical real-time data to drivers on windshield.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Sunnyvale/CA – Sun Innovations, emerging as the premium developer and provider of the world’s only FW-HUDs (Full Windshield Head-Up Display) and Super-transparent Imaging-Display Technology. Our TransPlayTM and MediaGlass TM lines of products are backed with a complete portfolio of intellectual properties. Enabled by the advanced nanomaterials and patented “Emissive Projection Display” (EPD), Sun Innovations’s technology turns any glass window or windshield to a completely transparent, scalable digital display and project an excitation image to it.

We present superior digital images on crystal-clear glass panels.

Sun Innovations unveils 2 most anticipated products of the year.

Laser-DLP HUD: This technology enables drivers behind the wheel to stay informed without taking their eyes off the road. Sun’s FW-HUD can be seamlessly integrated in any car, generating images that are always in focus anywhere on the windshield. Sun Innovations’ s compact, long lasting plug and play Laser DLP HUD system is perfect for Heads-up Display (HUD) applications. High quality HD-video projection is compatible with any existing video formats. It is bright for outdoor display under direct sunlight. It is available in single green color emissive screen. You have a choice of darker but bright green screen or lighter green screen, with optional commercial tint film (2.5% to 70%) to enhance HUD display.

The screen is completely transparent (less than 1% haze) for window quality, the compact projector can be readily mounted and projected in large range of angles onto glass. The display image is scalable with unlimited viewing angles. This laser DLP projector comes with standard HDMI/VGA interface with 20,000 hours of laser source lifetime. The display film is made with our patented emissive nanoparticle.
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Color MediaGlass: Sun Innovations’ s modified High Definition DLP projector displays advertisement or data in colors images, graphic or video on its completely transparent emissive screen, and is readily applicable to existing window or glass panels for in-store marketing. Our full high quality video projection system is proven to attract more foot-traffic. The display image is scalable with unlimited viewing angle. It features high quality video projection compatible with any existing video formats. The projector comes with standard HDMI/VGA interface.
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Sun Innovations’s vivid transparent display product range below has wowed and promoted client’s growth for several years with its technology:

- Transplay Line-Art projection system displays messages and animations on storefront windows using a scanning laser projector.
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- MediaGlass projection system allows you to play video media onto any transparent surface.
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- Sun’s Laser scanning FW-HUD can be seamlessly integrated in any car, generating images that are always in focus anywhere on the windshield.
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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sun Innovations have dedicated many years of R&D effort in developing new materials and ”pearless” display products, with a global multiple disciplinary team. In the opening year of product deployment, Sun Innovations has more than 150 customers operating over 1,000 installations worldwide. Sun Innovations also custom build MediaGlassTM and TransPlayTM Display technology and solutions with key clients in Media, Advertising, Entertainment, Automobile, Hospitality, Banking, Financial and Retail industries. The company has its Global Headquarters in Fremont, California, with two development and production branch offices in China employing large number of personnel worldwide. Sun Innovations’ s rapid distributorship growth has brought tremendous exposure not only in United States but also in the countries including Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, India, Japan and China.

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