Association of Austrian Pensioners decides on Puglia for its spring trip in 2014

Aria Luxury Apulia is pleased to communicate that a significant Association of Austrian Pensioners - Pensionistenverband Austria - selects Puglia as upcoming holiday location for its regular spring journey.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – London, April 15th 2014 – Austrian pensioners will travel to Puglia from 16th April to 21st May 2014 with a weekly change of around 1,400 arrivals a week, lodging in the area of Castellaneta Marina. The guided tours are organized to the towns of Alberobello, Bari, Ginosa, Lecce and Ostuni.
Pensionistenverband Austria features 385,000 members, and annually it organizes spring trips for Austrian pensioners, whose are about 70 years old, have good spending capacity and choose to travel in spring in the regions with a warm weather on the seacoast. That’s why Puglia is an excellent vacation destination, as aside from a desirable weather conditions and the seashore, it at the same time guarantees immersive experiences in culture and traditions of this marvelous region.
"The arrival of such a large number of Austrian tourists is an important step, both for Pugliese tour operators and for the institutions that support them" - says Silvia Godelli, Regional Councilor of Tourism.
Aria Luxury Apulia, the UK travel operator specialized in top quality escapes and luxury vacations in Puglia, is proud that the Association of Austrian Pensioners has chosen this beautiful and genuine region for its annual spring travel. Austrian tourists will absolutely appreciate Pugliese coastal beauty, rich culture and authentic cuisine.
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