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Los Angeles–2018. The earth’s surface is devastated by a merciless fight against the machines controlled by Skynet, the almighty and self-aware artificial intelligence program. You are John Connor, leader of the Resistance. Your goal: destroy Skynet. Your weapon: the code.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – New York – Imagine a programming contest with graphic animations like in a video game. And a mission: destroy Skynet, the program who wants to annihilate mankind…, the gamified coding platform for passionate developers, will launch its next challenge “Skynet Revolution” on April 26 in partnership with Dice, the leading tech jobboard.

This global event is open to developers of all skill levels and from all backgrounds, who love to code. It will enable participants to compete against the best hackers worldwide, have a good time, win cool prizes and get noticed by attractive sponsors looking for top tech talent such as: Ebay, O2, Lavastorm, Sage, Deezer, Rockwell Automation...

To date, the CodinGame platform has gathered an international community of several thousands of keen coders. Its programming contests which combine hackathon atmosphere and video games mechanics move beyond the traditional coding exercise format.

The Skynet Revolution challenge will last for about 3 hours during which participants will have to solve 2 programming puzzles, providing the smartest possible code to get to the top ranks. To code their solutions, participants have access to an online IDE which supports 18 programming languages, alongside with useful features such as auto-completion and syntax highlight.

Participation to the contest is free and anonymous. All participants’ code is open-sourced and displayed on the website shortly after the event, so that everyone can learn from the others. Programmers can already train on the website with previous editions' exercises.

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