Niche Specialist Reflective Equipment Business Tuvizo Announces Campaign for Roadway Visibility

Part of a series of articles discussing the importance of high visibility and reflective clothing for sport

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Boston/MA – This series of articles will run on a weekly basis and cover the basics of what to wear when out and about on the roads. The aim of this series of articles is to raise awareness of the correct way to dress to increase the chances of being seen by vehicle drivers.

Many runners, cyclists, walkers and motorcyclists are not sufficiently aware of the dangers of road usage and are insufficiently dressed in terms of high visibility and reflective gear. Wearing such gear has shown to make a significant difference to ensuring that vehicle drivers see other non drivers from far enough away in order to make decisions to avoid them.

Tuvizo believes that educating people about what they should be wearing, and why reflective gear and high visibility clothing makes such a difference to individual safety will go a long way to improving how people dress and also positively influence peoples behaviour when venturing out in traffic on a bicycle, on foot or on a motorbike.

Marketing Manager Jo Parkes says,"We really hope to enlighten people in terms of their behaviour when out exercising or commuting in traffic. We hope that this series of articles, in conjunction with some of our reflective gear, for example our Tuvizo Reflective Running Vest, will really help raise people's awareness of what they can do in order to be seen more readily."

Readers can look forward to a weekly release schedule for the four articles. Tuvizo can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.