CreaLog creates innovative mobile service for UNITEL Angola

Give the gift of song – with your mobile phone:
Highly successful UNITEL campaign has become a new service

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Munich – Are you familiar with Anselmo Ralph and his music? Did you know that in Angola, the month of March is dedicated to women? If you didn’t, don’t worry. You’re hardly alone! But by now you might be curious to know what this has to do with CreaLog and UNITEL, the largest provider of mobile services in Angola. Before you guess or even google – we’ll let you in on the secret!

Serenata UNITEL
Anselmo Ralph is one of the most famous Angolan singers. Born in the capital city of Luanda in 1981, Ralph is under contract to Sony Music and in 2012 was the first Angolan artist ever to be involved in a Coca-Cola advertising campaign. His “best of” album climbed to place 5 on the Portuguese charts.

March, the month for Angolan women
In March, UNITEL customers whose singing skills were not entirely up to par were able to order one of three songs by Anselmo Ralph. This song could then be forwarded as a serenade for a sweetheart. The humorous UNITEL television ad, “Serenata UNITEL”, made this all clear:

A campaign turned into a new service
The largest Angolan mobile service provider made use of this opportunity to market attractive and particularly affordable smartphone packages, tailored especially to female customers.
The campaign was pitched in Angola on national TV networks, on the radio, on billboards, in the UNITEL shops and in the familiar social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. What initially was meant to be a campaign turned into a new service, thanks to its resounding success.

A genuine success story: UNITEL and CreaLog
The technology platform, developed in Germany, makes it possible to implement new and innovative services like the one in our example. Here the person ordering the song sends a text message. It includes the phone number of his “Queen of Hearts” and the name of the song he’s chosen. She then receives a text message that shows a telephone number. By dialing that number she can hear, on her telephone, the song by Anselmo Ralph that was sent by her admirer.

Ever since 2009, CreaLog, the Munich-based specialist for service delivery and Telco VAS platforms has supported this African mobile telephony provider during a thorough revamping of its customer services. At the heart of the solution is intelligent pre-qualification for UNITEL customers using a voice dialog system. Over and above this, numerous additional services have been realized, as well. As a result, customers can take care of routine transactions – such as inquiring about the amount of time left on a prepaid card, tariff information and recharging the card – by accessing a multi-language CreaLog Voice Portal (IVR).

About CreaLog

CreaLog is a leading vendor of solutions for the interactive media platforms used by telecommunications providers. The company’s range includes solutions for value-added services (voice, text messaging and USSD, e.g. Televoting), IN platform (number translation, service migration, IM-SSF brokerage) as well as cloud contact centers / IVR and professional services.

CreaLog can name references in more than thirty countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, since it serves over four hundred customers using more than sixty thousand installed lines.

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