Facebook Flash Sales Launch in Singapore

“F-commerce,” the latest trend of selling and buying through Facebook comments now in Singapore withSoldsie app.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Singapore – Singapore, April 15, 2014 -- "F-commerce," the next wave of e-commerce where all sales occur through Facebook comments has arrived in Singapore.

Online Baby Fair offers a variety of premium baby & pregnancy products from authorised distributors only. It is the first in Singapore to start selling through comments from its Facebook page (14K fans). Director Martijn Hovinga was looking for a solution to boost sales again after he could not use his voice anymore to sell at expo's. An operation has permanently paralyzed one of his vocal cords. Observing consumers using smart phones, tablets and comunicating via social media, Martijn experimented with various Facebook apps, but didn't find them easy enough for customers to conduct sales. When he discovered Soldsie, it clicked immediately: a consumer who sees a picture and price of a product only has to comment 'sold' to purchase the item.

Since Soldsie's launch in September 2012, its merchants have generated more than $1 million in sales each month through the app. Many of these merchants do not have websites where they sell their merchandise, relying instead on Facebook for their sole source of income.

And since buying via Facebook simply involves typing 'sold' in the comment under a picture, merchants capitalize off already normal social media behaviors that can be done easily on computers, iPads and other mobile devices. Soldsie helps by making that process as simple as possible for both buyers and sellers.

“It also offers an alternative to queing up to make payment at very crowded expo's. Expecting moms or families with young children can focus on the shopping experience and once they have made their choice, just post 'sold' and pay within 24 hours at their own convenience”, according to Hovinga. “For my company, we simply cannot afford to provide the manpower to process the transactions at peak hours and rather have our staff focus on educating the customers and closing the deal” he added.

The launch will take place 14 April 8pm and will last 2 days at www.facebook.com/OnLineBabyFair

Other large Soldsie merchants include Accessory Concierge (34k fans), Southern Tots (526k fans),
The Polkadot Alley (91k fans), Stellybelly (178k fans) and Accessory Auctions (66k fans).

SOURCE Baby Singapore Pte. Ltd., www.facebook.com/OnLineBabyFair,
contact@babysingapore.com.sg +65 9760 8686

Martijn Hovinga
Baby Singapore Pte. Ltd
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