New Summer Collection 2014 by Haya Islamic Clothing

Haya Islamic Clothing has added some more beautiful and refreshing hijabs, abayas, and tunics to its online store's clothing collection. The added range offers a variety of eye-pleasing colors, fabrics and designs for today's Muslim women.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Miami, Florida – Miami, Florida,

Haya Islamic Clothing ( is a leading online Islamic clothing store offering modest dresses for Muslims. Over the years, we have gained a reputed name among top Islamic clothing sellers. Our designers design the clothing range keeping in mind latest trends, comfort and style, and also the very important element of Islamic clothing, the modesty element. With a vision to be the best tailor made Islamic wear company in the world, we offer a wide and exquisite range of high quality Islamic clothing to cater the needs of modern Muslim women.

We are very happy to bring you our new stylish summer collection of gorgeous hijabs, tunics and abayas. Among the items in the new range of abayas from Haya Islamic Clothing, we have a wide variety of abayas in beautiful classic cuts and summer favourable colors. Some of our new abayas designs include impression of top with long skirts, cuff sleeves, princess cuts, front panels, print bottoms, Chinese collars, waist gathers and hand worked stone necklines.

We have also launched a new collection of tunics in varied prints such as polka dots and dual color prints. You can find these tunics with excellent embellishment such as added velvet and satin trims, hand embroidered floral motif, thread work, high waist gathers and side pockets.

Apart from beautiful abayas and tunics, we have also got for you a new collection of soft, light and breathable range of hijabs. These hijabs can be bought single or also as a coordinate with matching abayas. The collection of new hijabs features single colors, dual printed colors, floral prints, hooded style and various other patterns to suit any outfit.

These abayas, tunics and hijabs are available in gorgeous fabrics, colors and designs. Each abaya, tunic or hijab in our collection is unique in itself. It combines the beauty of colors, fabric and details to produce a style both modern and modest that anyone from a college going girl to mature working women, is guaranteed to find their look. Our collection offers a fine balance of style and designs, and symbolise elegance, modesty and femininity. These can be worn as a day wear or evening wear and in any special occasion.

Haya Islamic Clothing helps you to find a dress that suits you or to discover a variety of new looks, no matter what your style and taste, what your body shape and skin color or budget is. By creating such beautiful pieces we wanted our beautiful Muslimah to make a strong style statement this season.