Top Digital Art School Advances Game Dev’t in the Philippines

CIIT, a prime digital art school in the Philippines, will help you expose your talent and advance your artistic potentials in the field of game development.

Online PR News – 15-April-2014 – Quezon City, Philippines – Quezon City, Philippines – Technology continues to revolutionize the world of gaming. Unlike before when the industry is as plain as pressing the buttons of a Nintendo controller, recently it has become immersive, three-dimensional, participatory, and a bit true-to-life.

No wonder today, gaming has become a multi-million dollar industry. It has also become a prime choice among learners and enthusiasts who dream of landing a job in the said field in the future. And in its effort to prepare students for the imminent demand of the corporate world, CIIT, a top digital arts school in the Philippines has improved its game development course offering.

CIIT and Anino Games
As a course, Bachelor of Science in Game Development has always been touted as one of the most exciting fields of study. Not only does it challenge and develop one’s logical thinking and productivity; it also brings lifelong benefits, such as greater creativity and a rewarding career.

CIIT takes pride in its partnership with the largest and first game development company in the country, the Anino Games. This collaboration guarantees that students will definitely get the essential trainings as some of the firm’s game professionals also hold the so-called noble profession—they are also instructors and professors at CIIT.

Because of this advantageous alliance, students can expect to acquire expert knowledge and relevant trainings that are receptive to the requirements of actual work in the commercial arena.

Manila Rush: A Masterpiece, An Inspiration
Meet Mr. Van Halen Cunanan, a 3D Specialist instructor and one of the 3D animators of the newly developed yet successful game app called “Manila Rush.”

This application features the extraordinary adventure along the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila. Users can virtually run through (yes, run, literally) these streets that in reality are busy with volumes of cars passing by. This is but a proof of Filipinos’ ingenuity and creativity. Truly, it is another masterpiece that inspires young Filipino game developers.

Manila Rush can be downloaded from Google Play app store using an Android phone.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience
CIIT is committed to providing students with an encouraging, comprehensive learning experience. Thus, it offers B.S. in Game Development at its best. Students who decide to take this course will enjoy the following benefits:

Industry-relevant curriculum
Competitive instructors and professors who are experts in their fields
State-of-the-art facilities
Latest software application programs
Entertainment applications
Hands-on trainings
School’s partnerships and affiliations

CIIT, a prime digital art school in the Philippines, will help you expose your talent and advance your artistic potentials in the field of game development.

If you are interested to know more about all the courses it offers, you may visit their website at or call their office at the following numbers: (+632) 411.1196., (+632) 413.1139 and (+632) 416.1104. You may also send your inquiries to their e-mail address at