SubmitEdge Link Wheel Service Overcomes All The Disadvantages Of Old Fashion Link Wheel Approach

SubmitEdge is one of the top SEO companies with vast experience. Their link wheel service helps customers build links in a highly effective way within a very short time. Their link wheel service is very different from other link wheel approaches.

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – Mumbai- Maharashtra - Generating back links for websites through link wheel is not a new strategy. This method has been there for a long time but its popularity dwindled over a period time as search engines looked at this method with great contempt. Search engines never liked website’s trying to manipulate the ranking process in any way. The old fashion link wheel approach tried to create a network of websites to create links for the target website. The linking pattern looked nothing like natural linking pattern. However, SubmitEdge is giving new life to link wheel link building strategy.
SubmitEdge link wheel service comes with a positive twist which works for the benefit of the website. SubmitEdge link wheel service builds links in such a fashion that it imitates the natural link building process very closely. The links count increase at a dramatic pace using the link wheel process. Rather than using an artificially created network or using a single Web 2.0 platform, SubmitEdge uses multiple tools and platforms to create the link wheel effect. SubmitEdge uses blogs, press releases, article submission, Squidoo lens etc. Here SubmitEdge creates links with a single gap or break between the links. So search engines have no reason to suspect any malpractice here because all the sources are not pointing to the same target anymore. This pattern of creating links looks very natural. Search engines always love links from relevant niches. In this way, SubmitEdge uses a unique approach to link wheel and helps its customers get good quality back links.
SubmitEdge uses only reputed platforms in their link wheel creation process. All the websites used in the link wheel have a minimum of PR4 and a maximum of PR9. They make use of original content in their posts so customers need not have to worry about any issues on content duplication and the related search engine penalties.
All the links that point to the target website in the link wheel come from pages with Dofollow attribute making every link count for the overall success of the link wheel. SubmitEdge offers its highly effective link building services at a very competitive price. While ensuring low prices, this company offers the best quality service. Their customer service is unmatched in the industry. They have helped several websites improve their ranking in the search results page through their link wheel service. For more information, please visit

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