New Source Hair Company Reveals the Unspoken Rules of Hair Suppliers

Heze New Source Hair Products Co. Ltd has been in the field of hair extensions and other such products for a long time now. The reliable hair supplier has used its expertise to let people know about the unspoken rules of hair suppliers.

Online PR News – 15-April-2014 – Heze, Shandong – Shandong, China : Heze New Source Hair Products Co. Ltd, one of the renowned firms in the business of hair supply and hair extensions have come up with a unique report on the unspoken rules of hair suppliers. The consumers visit hair salons and pay a great price for their treatment. Little do the customers know that the products that they see and the ones that are actually used vary greatly. Hair suppliers have a habit of showing something and selling something entirely different. Since they are the leading hair extensions manufacturer, they do not want their customers to feel cheated. In a long series of revelations, the firm has brought a number of startling facts to the clients. They have laid claims that most suppliers do not know the difference between Remy and Virgin hair. The company does its best to provide the clients with Remy Virgin Hair that offers the best of both the above-mentioned variants.
Wholesale hair extensions can be found all across the web, but Heze New Source Hair Products Co. Ltd reveals that there may be something that the clients are not being made aware of. People sell double hair in the name of good quality to maximize the profits. These can be made to look like Remy by removing the cuticles at the bottom. However, such a fraud should now be easy to spot if buyers follow the instructions given by these firms. The company advises all to check the bottom of the extension to check for white spots. If at all these spots are present, then product is made from double hair. Another good way of examining the extension is by checking the thickness of the hair towards the bottom. If at all the lower portion is thinner as compared to the top, then this is a case of fraud where companies make use of short hair and sell them as good quality long hair. Heze New Source Hair Products Co. Ltd makes sure that its products are made from equal length hair and are thick and lush.
This reliable hair supplier also informs its clients on the Post processing of human hair. The process usually takes 5 days to complete but there are factories that are producing the same in 3 days to cut the costs. This affects the quality and must be avoided. There are also several cases of lesser-known firms using synthetic or animal hair combined with human hair. One should not be paying so much for adulteration. If people want to know more, they can check out the website: