Online Marketing Company Announces New Enhancements on their Email Marketing Platform

Online marketing company can be extremely helpful for analyzing the response of users. Octane has devised new enhancement tools for optimum email marketing services.

Online PR News – 15-April-2014 – New Delhi/Delhi – Octane, an online marketing company regularly re innovates itself in order to provide the best services to their customers. The emerging trends of various communication channels require customers to attain the help of a company that is adept at formulating email campaigns according to contemporary requirements. New enhancement techniques introduced by Octane help to improve the platform of communication. Octane offers the following enhancement techniques:

1. Subscribers section: Marketers have the freedom to add new subscribers, delete list, export subscribers, create segments, remove subscribers and update subscribers. Segmented lists can be created by the marketer for promotional activities.

2. HTML editor: Edit images, text, lines or boxes with the help of HTML editor formulated by Octane. Email campaigns can be created with the help of customized channels. Rearrangement of data becomes easy with the new tool of HTML editor.

3. Geo Tool enhancement: Search engines like Gmail and Hotmail have made it extremely hard to locate the ISP’s due to implementation of cache images. This change created problems to track the frequency of click activity of users.

4. SMS email campaigns: The growth rate of mobile phones and their usage in India has enabled the company to implement this type of promotional activity. The marketer receives all the information regarding the number of recipients and how many of them receive the message and how many of them fail to get delivered.

5. Data security: Securing the data is another tool that has been added to the platform of Octane. The permission setting helps the master user access the information according to the master password set up by them.

The above listed features can help marketers in promoting their ads or newsletters in the right manner. Marketers can set their marketing agendas according to the performance of their email campaigns with the use of these enhanced tools. One can make optimum utilization of the services of Octane; they can track the user’s activity and thereby devise strategies to escalate their company’s performance.