Hawk Trade SVP Joins Gerontology Solutions Advisory Board

A senior vice president at Hawk Trade has joined the Advisory Board at Gerontology Solutions.

Online PR News – 15-April-2014 – Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo-based private equity and investment house, Hawk Trade has confirmed that its senior vice-president, Christopher Atkinson has joined the Advisory board at counter-senescence pioneer, Gerontology Solutions.

According to a spokesperson at Hawk Trade, Mr. Atkinson will take an active role in advising the company on the commercialization of a number of its most promising research assets.

Mr. Atkinson, who has played a significant role in the evaluation and financing of several of the companies in the Hawk Trade private equity venture portfolio, will bring his extensive expertise to bear on the company’s latest innovations with a view to maximizing earnings potential.

News of the appointment has served to renew chatter that Gerontology Solutions may be considering an initial public offering (IPO) but Mr. Atkinson would neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the speculation.

“I cannot add to conjecture about the potential for an IPO at Gerontology Solutions but I can say that I am very excited at the prospect of working with the highly respected researchers and visionaries at what we consider to be one of the jewels in the crown of our portfolio,” said Mr. Atkinson.

It is thought that Mr. Atkinson will focus on commercializing the anti-aging treatments the company has recently completed testing trials on including the product code-named ‘Regenoderm’ which has been proven to encourage the skin to produce collagen.

“We think this product has the potential to revolutionize the cosmetics industry from the ground up. Its commercialization will effectively be to anti-aging what Viagra became for impotence,” said Mr Atkinson.

About Hawk Trade:
Since our inception in 2007, Hawk Trade has focused on delivering exceptional investment performance to our clients both corporate and individual, by coupling entrepreneurial drive with deep industry expertise and robust risk management.

High net worth clients depend on our tailored innovative solutions and on seizing the right opportunities at the most optimum moment. We align ourselves with corporate clients to help them attain all of their capital market requirements.

Our business has grown on the principles of formulating strong partnerships with our clients and maintaining these through integrity and innovation. In the pursuit of excellence for both our firm and our clients, we remain committed to the highest ethical standards.

About Gerontology Solutions:
Gerontology Solutions is dedicated to developing and marketing small-molecule therapeutics derived from genetic and phosphatase platforms and nutritional health supplements that help maintain vigour and functionality as we age.

Through research on protein networks that control biological systems, Gerontology Solutions is developing therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases. Our technology provides many opportunities for the development of innovative pharmaceutical therapeutics.