LVD Sercos III: High Performance Low Voltage Servo Drive

Servotronix launches the latest version of its high performance and compact LVD low voltage servo drive, with Sercos III communication interface.

Online PR News – 15-April-2014 – 14 April 2014, Worldwide – Servotronix introduces the LVD Sercos III, a compact, high-power and intelligent servo drive for low voltage 15 48 VDC bus servo motion applications. The drive is ideal for driving small low voltage brushless, stepper or brushed DC motors. In the case of stepper motors, the control is done via a closed loop commutation with no step loss. This sophisticated stepper control delivers a servo-like performance at the low cost of a stepper solution.
The LVD has been qualified by Bosch Rexroth to operate with the IndraMotion Control models, MLC motion logic control, MLD drive-integrated motion control, and MTX CNC platform.
The LVD fully supports Sercos III – one of the most open, effective and successful industrial Ethernet solutions – to provide high performance, fast multi-axis control at a competitive price.
The LVD is about the size of a smartphone, and weighs just 250 grams – making it one of the smallest drives available. Its compact size, however, is not an indication of the power versatility it offers. With 12 Arms peak current and a switching frequency of up to 100 KHz, the LVD is one of the most powerful low voltage drives in the industry.
The drive’s high PWM switching frequency, combined with the field oriented control (DQ) and space-vector modulation, enables operation of low inductance motors while minimizing current ripple and eliminating acoustic noise. Separate logic and bus power supplies allow safe motor power-off while maintaining the drive state, and a fast restart.

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Download the LVD Sercos III Quick Start Guide and IDN Reference Manual.

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