Rolling Games Mania Presents The Best Mobile Games Theater In Baltimore County

Whether it is a bachelor party or a kids birthday party, Rolling Games Mania is the one which gets the call for entertaining the guests.

Online PR News – 13-April-2014 – New York – Whether it is a bachelor party or a kid's birthday party, Rolling Games Mania is the one which gets the call for entertaining the guests. This is because it is the best provider of mobile games theater in any party and engage the guests. For the kids the company comes with the games such as Xbox One, Xbox 360,Wii Games and PS4 and PS3 all on HDTVs mounted in their trailers. For the corporate or bachelor parties the company comes with different gaming solutions. They have party on wheels where 16 guests can enter the trailer and 8 players can play in the two HDTVs outside the trailer and enjoy the games.

The option of games referee is also there and the referee is an experienced one who would guide the players with the rules of the games. Rolling Games Mania events are best for bonding in corporate parties. The party is complete with a game referee who would coordinate with everyone and understand their needs. For bigger festivals, there are Large Format events available in the company which ensures the perfect involvement of large groups of people in a party complete with interesting games.

The company has dedicated staff who are available for seven days a week for coordinating with the customers and arranging the events. All the information about the various parties are available in the website However, there are some rules for enjoying the games of the company and that is the age of the participants should be above 8 years. Those who are below 8 years can see the trailers under the supervision of the parents.

Once booking is done for any party the climate controlled trailers come to the venue on time. If it is a kid's party then the game referee comes to the help of the kids guiding them to the games. The trailer carries the complete game library and the game referee listens to the suggestions and brings out the games. The booking is completed only when the payments are credited and with the confirmation of the party date and time online. The company can be contacted for games in any event such as fundraiser, birthday party or any sporting event. For one hour party the charge is $198.

About Rolling Games Mania

The company incorporated in Baltimore Maryland uses cutting edge sound and visual technology for the game enthusiasts. The trailer comes with four 55 inch television inside and two 60 inch television outside the trailer truck. There are loads of games available along with the latest releases for entertaining all the guests. You can book for the mobile video game party online too by visiting the website There is a phone number too that is 1-855-590-7529 through which the customer care can be contacted and booking for the parties can be done. For knowing about the games and the experiences of the other customers you can go through the testimonials in the website. If there is any query then you can fill up the form and submit it online and the representatives would get back to you.