PuneFirst Announces A Launch of New Website

PuneFirst is a one-of-a-kind website, providing all relevant information in and around Pune, to every tourist or resident alike.

Online PR News – 13-April-2014 – Pune India – Engineers, students and travel enthusiasts, the PuneFirst founders, tired of the lack of correct information available on places in and around Pune, launched their own website ‘Pune First’ on 9th March, here in Pune. As non-residents of the city of Pune, also called the ‘Amsterdam of the East’, both took up weekend trips to compensate for the exhausting workload in the office, and claim to have met with discovering new, unfrequented, hidden away locales in the outskirts of the city. “We mostly look up tourist spots around Pune on the internet and just plan a trip around it. It was only when we were on the road that we found out how difficult it can be to trace the locales, using just GPS on our phones”, said one of the PuneFirst members, “More importantly, people who come visiting Pune, end up going to the same places that are mostly frequented. There is so much more to see!”

The objective to creating the website PuneFirst, was to give people just what the name says: to give to the people of Pune all the information they want or need at any point of time; a break after a stressful week or places to grab a quick bite or a gourmet meal. “We know what the corporate sector is like, especially the private section of it; which is why these little getaways become necessary. After every weekend trip one decides to take, one can go back to work on every Monday thereafter, rejuvenated and looking forward to another more fun weekend”, said another PuneFirst member.

“So, we decided to give to the people and ourselves, some relief by jotting down every place worth visiting. One need not take a lavish holiday and burn a hole in one’s pocket to relax and take the stress out of one’s life and PuneFirst offers all the information one would need to get away without stressing about the financial aspect of it. Besides travel destinations PuneFirst has a store of information about places to dine in, to put up at if you are non-resident and even places for medical aid.” said a PuneFirst member.

“We understand that there might be a dozen other websites or sources or information out there on the web but we prioritize upon delivering correct information more than anything else. We pride ourselves in providing accurate information and we strive to keep doing so in the future as well”, quoted a PuneFirst member.

All information will be available to anyone living in or visiting Pune on our website ‘punefirst.com’. Every one living in and around Pune is invited to check out the website and discover their own city further before deciding to take a vacation on foreign soil.