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YooLotto gives exclusive 2nd Chance prizes to all lottery players for simply taking a picture of their winning or non-winning lottery ticket with YooLotto mobile app. These free prizes range from celebrity products, the opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity.

Online PR News – 13-April-2014 – Dallas/Texas – $400 Million, $600 Million, these are some of the jackpot amounts that people have won from recent lottery games. But did you know, $800 Million went unclaimed in 2012 alone? These are prizes left unclaimed because often time’s people are unaware to either calculate non jackpot winnings, or simply forget to check their ticket. The interesting thing is, lottery actually reaches a vast amount of Americans, 57% of the adult population play lottery at least once a year. What we here at YooLotto have done, is just enhance the experience of a billion dollar industry that has a huge reach. YooLotto, by taking a picture of player’s lottery ticket, informs a player if they’ve won, and goes as far as calculating their winnings for them. If a player has won, that’s ok, YooLotto offers a deal offered from their retailer of choice. It may not be a million dollars, but YooLotto gives something to their users for playing, something is always better than nothing if in the form of gift or deal. YooLotto has recently partnered up with quite a few celebrities and pro athletes to offer up experiences and celebrity branded items that normally would not be available. The whole idea of winning a jackpot and the hopeful thinking leading up to lottery number announcements, is sometimes, why people play lottery. We all could use those moments of bliss and dreams where monetary limits did not seem to exist. It was based on this logic that YooLotto thought to keep with the theme of offering an experience that would hopefully change the routine of reality, just for a moment. Whether that experience might be meeting your favorite singer backstage, throwing a pitch with your favorite MLB player, or conversing with a favorite NBA player about his record breaking score, YooLotto offers up something to the non-winning tickets within the application. YooLotto is currently free in App Store and Google Play available on iPhone and Android phones. Currently YooLotto supports all TX and CA games, and is in development for remaining lottery state games.

YooLotto has quite a few features supplementing their core model, checking lottery tickets and offering gifts to non-winning tickets, by offering a mobile deals provided by CPG brands and convenience store retailers like 7-Eleven. As the majority of lottery tickets are bought inside convenience stores, YooLotto offers deals through “Yoo Prizes” in hopes to drive brand and convenience store deal awareness to customers, leading to more sales for the store owners and retailers. So, the next time lottery comes up in conversation, or you’re casually purchasing a lottery ticket with your confection item of choice, give YooLotto a shot. You can track your tickets easily, and you never know, you might meet your favorite celebrity.

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