Good Buzz is a marketing solution for event promoters

Good Buzz is a marketing solution for event promoters

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GoodBuzz is a marketing solution for event organizers, event promoters, artists and bands based on the principle of Free peer referral. When you have an event that needs promotion, you go to Goodbuzz, create your campaign, and ask peers to relay your message to their contacts.

Your campaign will be simultaneously relayed by several peers with hundreds of contacts. In most cases your peers will add a personalized message for their contacts making your campaign more effective as they look like recommendation from a trusted source.

Your promotion quickly reaches a threshold huge enough for your event to be a success.

Members recommend peers events to their contacts for free. You don’t pay your peers when they recommend your events or activities, and your peers don’t have to pay you when you recommend their event or activities to your contacts. It’s a free referral network.

We charge $50 to activate your membership and if you need to send a lot of emails, SMS you’ll need to buy emailing and SMS credits.

How it’ll help you?

Imagine 15 of your partners accepted to recommend your new campaign, and each has about 200 contacts, you will then reach 3,000 people through your partners for Free.

Or, imagine you belong to 5 groups, each with 30 members. If each of the 150 partners has about 200 contacts, this is a total of 30,000 people you’ll reach through your partners for FREE.

With you can see in one place how your peers are helping you.

There are many other helping tools on to guide you with your daily marketing.

Primary, Goodbuzz has been designed for events organizers who don’t have a lot of money to promote their event. They could then use GoodBuzz peers referral system to reach more people, but recently we have seen some companies with lot of money using Goodbuzz, simply because they said it works better any other event promotion system to attract people to event and sell more advance Sale Tickets.

We discovered with our in house survey that:

• All Events organizers using has seen their event success increased by 78%,
• 52% have events that sold out several days weeks in advance,
• 99% will recommend Goodbuzz
• 99% saw events promotion cost decreased by at least 7 folds, and
• Above all enjoy the stress free process of Goodbuzz cooperative promotion system.

One Goodbuzz member generates $31,670.00 of advance sale tickets in just 90 minutes. That is how quickly the system could deliver results and for free.

Why referrals are free?

We don’t want Goodbuzz to become a spam tool. Peers will relay only campaigns that are relevant to their contacts and from peers they trust.

GoodBuzz delivers impressive results because of trust. Trust is build when word mouth is free, not sponsored.

Why we have created

Most events fail not because of planning or execution, but because of the marketing of the event itself. Simple event listing, and mailing to your personal list is never enough. MySpace is dead, and there is too much clutter to fight through on other social networks.

It’s difficult, stressful and costly to promote events. Typically your event is in few days but you won’t have so many registered participants. You may be running out of time. Stressed and worried you try harder and harder but the results are meager and cost you lot of effort and money.

But Marketing is not only about money. Some of the most successful events we’ve been involved with engaged in simple grass roots marketing. They only used event posters and word of mouth. Those events did tremendously well on a marketing budget of a few hundred dollars.

GoodBuzz 7 campaigns channels for grass roots marketing is the cure to events promotions hurdles, stress and money lost.

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