Perfume Pendants Provide Scent-ual Accessory

Perfume pendants have been steadily rising in popularity and this trendy accessory is proving to be the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. Every woman accessorizes in some way, shape or form and most add a spritz or splash of perfume before hitting the town. Extensive research as well as an eye for what’s hot and trendy in the world of fashion has proven invaluable to Casey Doran, president of Perfume Jewelry Store, in showing that consumers are consistently looking for new and exciting ways to accessorize and not break the budget by doing so.

Online PR News – 20-July-2010 – – The latest trend in perfume pendants provides young go-getters as well as stay at home moms and women of all ages the opportunity to afford a unique accessory that serves dual purpose. Most perfume pendants are crafted from glass or metal and have a small cavity that will hold anywhere from a day’s worth to a week’s worth of perfume or aromatherapy oil. “The real secret is in the stopper,” reveals Doran. “The pendant is sealed with either a vented stopper or a closed stopper and this allows the fragrance to waft into the air. The variety of stoppers combined with the trendy designs creates a finishing touch to anything from jeans and a t-shirt to evening wear.” The prices are affordable, notes Doran, and the low price point has afforded consumers the opportunity to purchase several pendants at a time.

Perfume pendants are typically handcrafted and most include a cording or a complimentary chain that enhances the beauty of the necklace. Perfume jewelry not only provides consumers with an en vogue accessory but also lends the versatility of adding perfume to the jewelry and not on the skin or clothes.

Perfume Jewelry Store was founded in 2009 and carries a trendy selection of accessories as well as educational resources that assist consumers with their perfume pendant choice.


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