Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - New Service Shows How to find the BEST Cell Phone Lookup Directory

Although there are multiple reverse cell phone lookup directories online, up until now there was no way for consumers to compare different services. The newly launched website on fills this empty space by comparing the top services in the field according to 4 different criteria

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – Although there are many dozens of Cell Phone Lookup directory services, not all of them are equally accurate, up to date or has the same database size. Up until now, there was no way for consumers to compare the pros and cons of different cell phone lookup directories unless they spent hours online doing the research by themselves.

This is where the newly launched website comes into play by reviewing the MOST ACCURATE and most trustworthy online reverse cell phone lookup services based on 4 different criteria. It is highly encouraged that you visit the above website to read the review of the TOP 3 cell phone lookup directories. In addition, they also address some important aspects about Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup searches and privacy laws protecting cell phone subscribers.

One of the very important factors they consider in their classification is the size of the reverse cell phone lookup directory database. The largest databases have as much as 20 billion records. Surely not all of these records are from telephone numbers but include other records such as people search records, court records, civil records, marriage records, background checks etc. etc. Since there are at least 250 million cell phones registered in the USA, it is highly advisable that you select a database with at least 200 million numbers if you want a fairly good chance of finding your number in the database. The smaller the database, the slimmer your chances of finding out the information about the cellular phone number owner.

Another issue addresses is why mobile phone numbers are not listed on the white pages in the USA. This is because unlike land phone numbers, cellular numbers are considered 'private' and therefore unlisted from the public domain. There are even privacy laws and acts that are in place to protect mobile phone user privacy rights.

You can read the review of the TOP 3 reverse cell phone lookup directories in much more detail by visiting and find out what the BEST cell phone number lookup directory service is.

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