GSA FastTrack Inc. Teams Up With Federal Alliance Group to Expedite GSA Applications
07/20/2010 is an industry leading governmental marketing services company. They provide an invaluable service to their clients by assisting them with the application process, helping them obtain their contract, optimizing their GSA proposal initiatives, and marketing their products to the proper audiences.

Online PR News – 20-July-2010 – – Businesses looking to sell their products and services to the government need to go through a process established by the General Services Administration (GSA), a process that is laborious and intimidating at best. Businesses must have secured a GSA Schedule Contract before transactions with Federal Government buyers can take place. These long term contracts must be negotiated with the GSA.

GSA Schedule Contracts are beneficial to Federal Agencies seeking to procure products and services because they reduce the due diligence work that agencies must perform on the items they seek to acquire, whether those items are products, services or a combination of both. The evaluation cycle is greatly reduced because the products and services on the GSA Schedule Contracts have been vetted to ensure that the prices are reasonable and that the contracts are in accord with applicable laws and regulations.

Businesses benefit from GSA Schedule Contracts because it eliminates the need for them to negotiate a contract each and every time a purchase is made. Moreover, it eliminates the arduous process of responding to a request for proposal (RFP) each time the government engages them to fulfill a need. Thus, GSA Schedule Contracts are mutually beneficial to both purchasers and providers. The challenge that most businesses face, however, lies in the fact that securing these contracts and optimizing the terms are not trivial matters, and mistakes made during the process could have immediate and lasting consequences.

GSA FastTrack offers a complete range of services to address the needs of businesses seeking to deal with the government. One of their offerings is the GSA Application Services, which helps businesses obtain and optimize their GSA Schedule Contracts. They have teamed up with Federal Alliance Group LLC to help bring their services to providers who are looking to conduct business with the Federal Government.

The experts at GSA FastTrack have the experience and the savvy to guide their clients throughout the entire process, with the ultimate goal of a GSA Schedule Contract delivered to the client, in a timely fashion and with favorable terms. In addition, GSA FastTrack helps maintain its client’s contracts after approval. Clients may also opt to take advantage of GSA FastTrack’s comprehensive GSA Marketing Services, where the marketing of the schedule and products is planned and assisted by GSA FastTrack experts. Our team acts directly on your behalf to help build relationships/contracts with the appropriate government buyers.

By partnering with Federal Alliance Group LLC, GSA FastTrack Inc. aims to have its services marketed throughout the entire United States. Federal Alliance Group is an independent sales organization that has partnered with GSA FastTrack to facilitate this long term growth. Through this partnership Federal Alliance Group can lend its resources and experience in sales and marketing to expand the nationwide foot print of GSA FastTrack and their web of world class GSA vendors. It is their mission to spread general awareness about the General Services Administration and the ARRA projects available throughout the country. GSA FastTrack can help businesses with the process of acquiring a GSA Schedule Contract, so that they can begin transacting with the Federal Government without delay.

“Ultimately, we want to make sure that our clients receive their GSA Schedule Contract expeditiously, and that the terms are favorable to our client in the long run. We’re here to help them navigate through the process, which often feels like a complicated maze, particularly to businesses that have not dealt with our government before. We also offer marketing services to help them move their products once they receive their GSA Schedule Contract,” notes Rusty Styles, a leading advisor from GSA FastTrack.

GSA FastTrack offers a full range of services designed to assist all types of enterprises (including start-ups, small businesses, and sole proprietorships) in obtaining GSA Schedule contracts, maintaining those contracts, and marketing and selling the contract’s products and services to the appropriate government personnel.

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