Increase in Teachers Schooled in Moonlighting & Entrepreneurial Tasks Inspires New Guide

Moonlighting and entrepreneurial activity among teachers a growing trend, according to university and government data.

Online PR News – 10-April-2014 – Oakland, CA – Moonlighting activity among teachers doubled during the last three decades, according to a 2012 study by the Sam Houston University's College of Education. Their latest survey, not yet published show 44 percent of teachers in Texas moonlight. Low salaries continue to force instructors to take on extra jobs or start a business.

The teaching profession has long been one that produces many part-time entrepreneurs, reports The Wall Street Journal. These circumstances have inspired a new guide edited by Dee Adams entitled So You Want to Become A Freelance Online Teacher.

"The Web has created tremendous interest in moonlighting online," says Adams, an independent information researcher. "But whether one moonlights as an employee or boss, the activity isn't for everyone. Choosing the right idea is crucial for success, but some hopefuls don't understand the true nature of their skill set or the marketplace. And they choose the wrong work, pile on too many tasks and burn out."

Since 1980, Sam Houston University has tracked activities for Texas teachers who work other jobs during the school year. But the professors point out the issue is global: their study in Kirov, Russia uncovered similar trends. And studies are planned for Uganda and 3-4 states in the U.S. in 2014.

The National Center for Education Statistics shows teachers starting out in the U.S. are 23 percent more likely to hold multiple jobs. And farming, contract writing, waitressing, cake designing, escort service, military reserves, or tending bar are only a few of the occupations held by educators, according to the Ph.D. dissertation of a teacher.

Twenty-five percent of moonlighters are considered self-employed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.

"The range of teacher entrepreneurship is amazing; from nonprofit, social ventures to twists on traditional businesses. One instructor formed a fence installation enterprise with a partner. Probably the most amusing idea uncovered is that of a former math teacher who became a stand-in entertainer. He cashed in on his appearance to a famous comedian...Jerry Lewis."

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