New Site Delivers Techniques and Insights to Make Recorded Webinars Come Alive
07/20/2010 shows clients how to take ordinary recorded webinars and give them that live look and feel and in the process reap rewards without having to manage the webinar in real time.

Online PR News – 20-July-2010 – – The term Webinar is derived from the words web and seminar, and is used to refer to live informational presentations during which viewers are typically allowed to interact through a series of comments, as well as a question and answer exchange. Webinars are conducted over the internet, and its main attraction is its ability to conduct a seminar where the presenter and the audience can originate from practically anywhere on Earth. The headcount is not a limiting factor, and neither is location. A person with a computer and an internet connection is a potential participant.

Webinars are effective because they engage the audience, and when the audience is engaged, they are more likely to respond favorably to the message of the webinar and also to any integrated call to action. Even audience members who do not directly participate in commenting or question and answer exchanges derive a sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are taking part in something that is fluid and alive. Well executed webinars can energize participants in much the same way as a dynamic speaker can during a live, in-person conference.

One may well conclude that in order to have a successful webinar, the host presenter must always conduct it in real time. After all, as convenient as webinars are, it appears as though they do require the presenter to be there, in real time, to engage the audience. But is there another way to realize results without having to be there to work for it? Would it be possible for a presenter to record a webinar and leverage the recording to deliver a live webinar replay with success time and again?

The people behind believe that they can help automate webinars. They have the insight and the techniques that can help a presenter develop a recorded webinar and deliver it to an audience in such a manner that convinces the audience that they are participating in a live, interactive webinar that is taking place right then and there.

The premise under which is operating is this: the success of the webinar is in proportion to how live it feels to the attendees. In other words, the more convinced the participant is that the webinar is being conducted live, the more likely that participant will engage and be open to any call to action delivered by the webinar.

“We have a two-fold approach to developing live-like webinars, which means that we cover the technical aspects as well as the presentation end of things, and when executed properly, our approach can help make your next event look live as a heart attack,” notes Evan Cooper, employee of

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