Think Security Africa Marks the 20th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

The Rwanda Genocide was one of the defining moments for security in Africa. Estimates of the number of people killed range between 800,000 to 1.1 million people. Besides this hundreds of thousands more were scarred by rape, disease, life-altering injuries and displacement.

Online PR News – 07-April-2014 – London, United Kingdom – The impact of the Genocide was most devastating for Rwanda and Rwandans, but has had an enduring impact on the security thinkers and strategists across Africa. Today there are a number of organizations working to prevent an atrocity like the Rwanda Genocide from happening again. Rwandan society has shown its resilience by bouncing back and breaking a number of records in many areas of national life. However, no society should have to face the daunting challenge of having to recover from such an all-encompassing atrocity.

Adunola Abiola, founder at Think Security Africa says that, "In order to truly honour those that were needlessly killed in 1994, it is important that the lessons from the Genocide are learned and used to improve security in Africa generally. We have adopted a proactive approach at Think Security Africa, and continue to engage in research that will assist prospective interveners to sharpen their ability to prevent the degeneration of security to the extent that mass atrocity and crimes against humanity are even possible. There are a number of projects that we have embarked upon to provide in-depth understanding of the issues fuelling insecurity across Africa, an example is the review on security in Africa for the year 2013."

The African Union has spearheaded efforts to prevent the occurrence of mass atrocity, and has designed its peace and security architecture to enhance the timeliness and professionalism of an African-led response to potential atrocity across Africa. However, adopting a narrow security-focused approach is far from adequate. There are many more governments and organizations that also understand the importance of broad-based development in promoting security in Africa. Yet, ending the possibility of any further mass atrocity in Africa, and indeed elsewhere, will require the support and assistance of stakeholders from across African societies and beyond.

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