HHOZAP Offers An Expansion Kit For The HHOZAP System

For drivers using the HHOZAP Hydrogen Generating Kit in their autos, HHOZAP offers an expansion kit for up to 5 gallons of on-board water storage.

Online PR News – 20-July-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA – July 19th, 2010: (JoeDolanPR) – With the installation of the HHOZAP Cell Kit, as found at www.hhozap.com, drivers using the on-demand hydrogen system can now install as 5-gallon on board water storage tank. This is especially useful for large fleet installations that have long-term engine use.

With the HHOZAP kit installed, drivers regularly maintain the distilled water level in the cell much the same way as they maintain gasoline in the automobile itself. The 5-gallon expansion tank means that for months of use in a standard engine, the water level is self-maintaining on the engine. With an installed float level in the kit’s water tank, when the cell system desires more water, the expansion tank pumps the required amount into the engine, while you drive. Adding water to the tank may be only as often as a driver would change their oil.

Large vehicles using the system, including high volume gasoline users like construction vehicles, can bypass short term level adjustments with the tank installed, allowing them to run for extended periods of time without a level check. It’s an added convenience for fleet mechanics that have installed the system into their fleet’s vehicles.

More information of the HHOZAP Cell Kit can be found on the company website at www.hhozap.com. The company answers questions directly and offers sales of all installable parts through the website as well as complete customer care. If you have interests in installing the cell kit into your vehicle, on generators or in your reciprocating engine system, HHOZAP offers assistance in any situation, including performing installations in the Southern California area.

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