Aragon Research Delivers New, Enhanced Business Services for Business and IT Leaders

Aragon Research delivers new business services that cater to the specific needs of both Business and IT Leaders so that they can produce results faster.

Online PR News – 07-April-2014 – Palo Alto, California – Aragon Research, a technology-focused Research and advisory firm committed to providing thought-leading strategic research and trusted advisory services, unveiled two more services today: Aragon Research for Business Executives, entitled BIZTEX, and Aragon Research for IT, entitled ITEX, respectively. Each of these services caters specifically to Business and IT with targeted research, interactive Toolkits, and a research community.

Leveraging Sales and Marketing Synergies is another.

BIZTEX by Aragon Research enables business leaders to integrate Technology into their business operations. In addition to world-class research and advisory, the business applications BIZTEX provides solve problems faster by combining video, text, and audio into Toolkits for business.

“Using Video to Capture Workforce Knowledge is just one example of an Interactive Toolkit,” comments David Mario Smith, Research Director at Aragon Research. “Leveraging Sales and Marketing Synergies is another.” Aragon Research Insight is another component of BIZTEX, a new research community for Business Leaders to come together and exchange ideas.

Similar to the services BIZTEX offers, ITEX by Aragon Research enables IT leaders to focus on technologies, applications of those technologies, and the intersection of technologies with running their business. Like with the BIZTEX service, ITEX will also include access to Aragon Research Insight, a community for IT Leaders to collaborate with their peers to problem solve in real-time.

“BIZTEX and ITEX, combined with our new Aragon Research Insight, help to synergize both the business and technology components of the workplace by allowing for collaboration,” says Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research. “And we have the business experience in many of the critical roles of the enterprise to be able to understand how technologies can be applied to help both Business and IT Leaders produce results faster.”

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