My Bikini Butt Reviews Examine Effectiveness of Andrea Albright's Workout

Andrea Albright's workout program has been getting a lot of press. But does it actually work? Steven Wright examines the program fully in his "My Bikini Butt" review.

Online PR News – 04-April-2014 – Medford, OR – Due to the amount of talk and press of My Bikini Butt that has been surfacing lately, Steven Wright from has examined the program and provided his feedback. In this overview he reveals what he found while digging through all of the hype.

"My Bikini Butt review really opened my eyes a bit to Andrea Albright and the effectiveness of her program. Like every other workout program that hits the market, Albright's promised to deliver results. What we found is that she can actually deliver on her promises." says Wright. "What is really unique about this program is that it successfully targets cellulite for women. At first when I noticed that the workout program came with a money back guarantee I wondered how often that would be used. But I think most women are really going to be surprised and thrilled to see the kind of results that this program can deliver."

With a strong focus on the specific butt-toning exercises and workouts, My Bikini Butt promises real results. In doing this Andrea really puts her name and professional reputation on the line.

The entire focus of the program is on focusing on the trouble spots that many women have. With a tighter, more toned backside many women feel that the program has really boosted their confidence and helped them to finally target those hard-to-tone areas.

The program consists of several different eBooks including the 28 Day Bikini Butt Fast Track, Smooth Out Cellulite Program, Fat Melting meals and more. In addition to the eBooks one also gets a personal coaching video and the Total Bikini Body Mini Vacation.

"The entire workout program is solid, for sure. But another piece I found while reviewing My Bikini Butt that actually makes it work is the meal plan. It's not overly strict and definitely not a starvation mode type of diet. Andrea encourages eating in a sustainable and enjoyable manner because she realizes that sticking with the program is more important than following it for a short time only to get burned out." reports Wright.

My Bikini Butt is geared for women of all experience levels. One doesn't have to be an expert to follow the program. Conversely, even if one has been working out for years, this program provides unique exercises and a unique approach to doing them that can deliver results even for the experienced.

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