Blend Real Estate in San Diego Introduces a $5,000 Full Service Flat Fee Listing

Providing the same full service marketing as with commissioned listings, Blend offers a new platform for savvy sellers of residential real estate.

Online PR News – 08-April-2014 – San Diego, California – Blend Real Estate in San Diego, California, specializes in working just with sellers of real estate. The brokerage was been built around a client's desire for an amazing real estate experience when selling residential property. The Internet with its online abilities to disseminate real estate information to the public has actually made jobs as listing brokers and agents easier.

Brokerage owner Kimberly Dotseth felt that as the firm continued to offer full service property marketing plans to its sellers, it could also afford to take advantage of some of the new tools available when listing property for sale, and pass along financial savings to sellers in the form of a new compensation plan.

Therefore, Blend is introducing its Full Service $5,000 Flat Fee Listing.

Real estate compensation is a moving target for agents and clients. Simply we felt we could be fairer to our sellers and provide the exact same excellent work with a flat fee paid for the listing side of the transaction

The Blend Real Estate Flat Fee Listing is for any seller of residential real estate up including up to four units in Southern California. It has absolutely no strings attached and it works for a property of any size, shape or price. It works anywhere there is property in Southern California.

The services that Blend Real Estate provides to its sellers have not changed. As a full service brokerage, Blend believes in super high-quality marketing for the best results and top dollar, fast. Details about the Blend Real Estate Marketing Plan for its sellers and the Blend Real Estate Flat Fee Listing are found on the brokerage's website.

"The Internet has helped full-service real estate professionals like us sell homes so much easier and faster, and because of that we wanted to pass some of our financial savings back to sellers. It's not more complicated than that," said brokerage owner Kimberly Dotseth.

The commission savings for the seller on the listing side will be huge, particularly on luxury homes. Instead of 3% of the sales price paid to the listing broker, as one example, the seller pays $5,000.

Ms. Dotseth also believes that at some point most buyers’ agents will be compensated by buyers. Real estate compensation is not there - not yet. Therefore, the buyer’s agent commission is in addition to the $5,000 Flat Fee Listing and is traditionally paid by the seller. It is 100% negotiable and it is what is comfortable for the sellers.

As far details on the buyer's agent payment, it is typically a percentage of the sales price. But this topic is part of a fast changing landscape. "Real estate compensation is a moving target for agents and clients. Simply, we felt we could be fairer to our sellers and provide the exact same, excellent work with a flat fee paid for the listing side of the transaction," said Ms. Dotseth.

Blend Real Estate’s Full Service Flat Fee Listing has no catches, no "gotcha’s" and no caveats. It’s real and will be a fantastic deal for sellers of real estate in Southern California.

Contact Kimberly Dotseth to ask questions about San Diego real estate. (858) 452-2599.

About Blend Real Estate: Formed in early 2013 by longtime brokerage owner Kimberly Dotseth, Blend focuses on two things one: it only works with sellers. Two: it offers a sub-specialty working with estate sales. From emptying the property, to prepping the property, to listing and selling the property, this sub-specialty service has been used by attorneys, families and the elderly. Blend Real Estate works with all property types from small condos to large, luxury properties.

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