Boris Now! – Go ahead!

There is a new uprise on the music scene. Lovable young singer: Boris Now!

Online PR News – 05-April-2014 – USA,CANADA – There is a new uprise on the music scene. Lovable young singer: Boris Now! He released his first single. Presently, we are expecting his second song. Here is an interview with this charismatic young man.

Hello Boris! How did you get to music and what does it mean for you?

It came suddenly. I wanted to try what it means to work in a music industry. I had my idols, my dreams and I wanted them to come trough. It was something absolutely new for me. I am still learning and I know I have to improve. It is not that easy, I mean I didn’t wake up after first day of work and I became a star. No, no ... I had to pass lots of issues.

Why have you decided to become a singer?

Often, I thought how great it could be to travel around the world for my concerts, meet new people, and experience new adventures and lots of fun. All the jobs have their pros and cons but my steps always led to music. If somebody doubts me or somebody else, have a look on one great person Nicholas James „Nick“ Vujicic.

Who is your biggest idol?

It is the queen of music industry, a woman keeping always on the top. She is the best and she will always stay. Of course it’s Madonna.

What do you like singing about?

I sing about what is current and what will be.

So, are you trying to say something with your music?

Perfectly dressed, take a friends or a girlfriend or a boyfriend to the club and let 220 volts flow through your bodies and throw away all your burdens, because we have only one life.

What would you like to achieve? Where would you like to get to?

To Madonna’s living room. I would like to have a drink with her and rock it out there.

Who did you work on your music with?

I am still very new in this field, so I didn’t work with so many people. Although, I‘ve worked on the song „Live the Night“ with a great artist Jugo Azul (US). He wrote my first lyrics and it was for this song. I’ve worked with a very nice female rapper C-MONE (UK). My second song was made in cooperation with Jugo Azul as well, with a female rapper Jayy Starr, with a rapper Ayo Mikeey, with a very “hybrid” producer SIZZLE and others. They are all very talented people form US or UK. I have also worked with the sound engineer, Scott Horton. They all have a big applause from me. The new single SHOUT! will be released by the end of April. Listen, share...

What is behind you and what is just awaiting you?

Well somebody called me a defrauder, but it was just an issue I had to deal with. But Indeed, I have nothing behind me. Everything is just awaiting me.

Do you have a strong experience with music?

With Madonna and Michael Jackson I experienced really a lot through my MP3 player. I really love the moments and thank them for such a great and quality music which could flow into my ears.

In conclusion, would you like to add something else?

Yes, I would like to say something to those who support my dreams. If you feel that you want to do something, go ahead! If you feel that something is your way, go for it. Although, it won’t be straight, there will be lots of issues you will have to deal with – anyway the exciting, shining top is near! Never listen to people who doubt and say thing „you can’t do it“, ignore their laugh .... Go ahead!