Significant use of CodeIgniter PHP framework for PHP Development in India

PHP development in India is a booming industry and includes a lot of tools and frameworks. In recent times it has been discovered that the less used PHP framework CodeIgniter is a boon to the industry for different reasons.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – CodeIgniter is less known to the PHP development in India community because most of the PHP developers in India prefer to use frameworks like CakePHP or Zend. However those who have used CakePHP as well as Zend framework feel that CodeIgniter is a good PHP framework and opine that those who are not using CodeIgniter are missing something vital that PHP can offer.

PHP development in India utilizes these frameworks and a set of preinstalled codes which make it really easy for the PHP developer to develop any PHP based application. There are numerous frameworks available in the market but all PHP developers do not use the same framework. Different developers prefer different frameworks. Out of all the PHP frameworks available CakePHP and Zend are the most used but still CodeIgniter Framework is used in many PHP application development.

CodeIgniter is a type of PHP framework but is very less used by PHP developers in India. However in recent times its use is gaining momentum as people have started realizing how beneficial it is. A few benefits of CodeIgniter which as experts opined can benefit the PHP development in India can be listed as below:

1) In PHP world everyone seems to be looking for faster, simpler and easy options to complete code. CodeIgniter exactly helps do this as it is much faster compared to other frameworks.

2) It can be learnt very easily as compared to CakePHP and Zend Framework. It comes fully accompanied with exhaustive user guides.

3) Coding conventions are not as strict as in CakePHP.

All these features of CodeIgniter definitely make it one of the best frameworks for PHP development. For users who will miss the huge sets of libraries and classes, they can combine the resources from the Zend into CodeIgniter by using hooks.