Dallas Based Company Guarantees Quality

With summer well over the midpoint, one thing is for sure: the temperatures are on an ever rising -high. There is no better way of beating the heat except going in for a refreshing dip at the beach or pool in one of the trendiest swimwear. Many people are left stranded on realizing that their favorite stores have run out of trendy summer stock. Is there a last resort?

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – Dallas, TX – July 19th, 2010. Fashion is all over the magazines, cable and of course Hollywood. Whichever season it is, Americans have been forced to look trendy thanks to the American media. Summer has not been left behind either. Designers have been at work around the clock coming up with decent and at times not-so-decent apparel for summer.

As a result there are a myriad of authentic and imitation lingerie, men’s swimwear and women’s swimwear in the current market. The imitations are so well done that it becomes very difficult for potential customers to differentiate them from the genuine thing. The best way for summer shoppers to know they are purchasing authentic products is by making purchases from trusted stores.

The Spokesman of Andra Group, LP commonly referred to as HerRoom, an online business store http://www.herroom.com, Shimon Sandler in a press conference recently reassured clients that they, “…have been restocking our stores as fast as we have been shipping out purchased products. This guarantees that we do not run out of stock particularly lingerie and swimwear. Unlike other online stores we ensure quality as our stock is personally vetted by members of staff – on receipt from our suppliers and before being shipped out.”

By getting to shop at HerRoom.com you will get to know why it is fast becoming the preferred source for lingerie this summer. In addition to free shipping, the store stocks over 200 brand names like Spanx, Wacoal, La Perla and Vanity Fair just to mention a few.

Located at 1295 Majesty Drive, Dallas, Texas 75247 HerRoom, which is over a decade old in loyal service, is proud to have such a huge percentage of return customers; a clear indication of excellent customer service as well as quality lingerie, women’s swimwear and recently men’s swimwear too. For more information about the company and what they offer, please visit http://www.herroom.com, call: Shimon Sandler on 800-558-6779 or email shimsand@gmail.com.