Godrej Memorial Hospital to built Multi-chambered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Mumbai’s first private hospital with multiplace HBOT and Diving medicine

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – Godrej Memorial Hospital confers the unique life & limb saving — Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center (HBOT) department. “Godrej Memorial Hospital” is the first private hospital in Mumbai to set up a Multiplace chamber facility to provide patients with Hyperbaric Oxygen, at its newly commissioned Department of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Hyperbaric medicine deals with physiological problems and therapeutic applications of barometric pressure greater than sea level. Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBOT) is made possible by patients breathing 100% oxygen in a special chamber. HBOT is of immense value as a life and limb saving measure in several medical and surgical conditions.

HBOT treatment is vital for diverse healings; most commonly used for Diabetic wounds and severe crush injuries of limbs. Radiation as part of cancer therapy may inadvertently cause damage to soft tissues and bones. Thermal burns, Carbon monoxide poisoning, Smoke inhalation, Resistant bone infection (REFRACTORY OSTEOMYELITIS) or selected cases of severe fungal infections. DCS & AGE are best treated by therapeutic recompression where HBOT is combined with air or mixed gas recompression. All this is made feasible at Godrej Hospital, Department of Hyperbaric Medicine & HBOT service.

Researchers are actively investigating into utility of HBOT in several other medical disorders. HBOT appears to be promising in Autism affected children, Paralytic Stroke rehabilitation, Traumatic brain injury and more. Further research will determine the status of HBOT in these and several other disorders. HBOT in most cases supplements conventional treatment and not meant an alternative therapy. The side effects are usually uncommon and reversible. This treatment is given in sittings lasting from 60 to 120 mins.

This large Multiplace HBOT at Godrej hospital has several patient friendly features. The interiors provides comfort as it allows patients to either lie down or relax in a sitting position during treatment. Up to six patients can be treated at the same time. A trained HBOT medical attendant accompanies and monitors patients during treatment which adds to patient safety. This multiplace HBOT also has some limitations as highly infectious patients would be better treated in a monoplace facility. HBOT does add to treatment costs but reduces overall hospitalization bills, due faster healings, besides bettering outcomes in the seriously ill or chronic disorders.

To optimize deployment, this facility at Godrej Hospital is positioned near the entry gate as part of the Casualty or Emergency department. The center is managed by a team of hyperbaric physicians and anesthetists with experience in HBOT, as also trained chamber operators & in- chamber nurse attendants.

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shinde, in charge of HBOT, “Presently all three HBOT facilities in the city are located in South Mumbai. Godrej Hospital at Vikhroli (East) would be a boon to doctors and patients from Central suburbs, Thane and beyond, Navi Mumbai, etc. Since the hospital is, “open to all”, out of station patients could obtain Indoor facility.”

Patients from hospitals across the city could avail the facility on a daily basis, to and fro trips are made easy by convenient location of Godrej Hospital & HBOT center on the Eastern Exp highway. HBOT at Godrej Hospital is truly a high tech gift to Doctors and Patients in Mumbai & in and around areas.

About Godrej Memorial Hospital

Incepted in September 2004, Godrej Memorial Hospital was set up by Godrej Memorial Trust with the objective of creating a healthcare facility with advantages of both philanthropic as well as the corporate hospitals. A unit of Godrej Memorial Trust, Godrej Hospital runs on principles of “Sustainable Charity”. The Godrej Memorial Hospital is the first private hospital, providing Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) Center facility in Mumbai. Godrej Memorial Trust is been honored by the NABH & NABL accreditation for providing highest quality services in the health care sector. The accreditation assures ‘Quality of Care & Patient Safety’ in accredited Hospitals. NABH standards are accredited by International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) as consistent with its global benchmarks.