Fort Myers Title Insurance Agent, Jennifer Ferri Insists Real Estate Agents Learn Title Insurance
9 April 2014
Fort Myers, FL - Jennifer Ferri, the owner and operator of Title Junction, LLC, ( warns real estate agents about the importance of title insurance by saying, "Anytime you are assisting with the purchase or sale of real estate, title insurance protects the parties involved and the mortgage holder from disputes over title to the property." Jennifer shows concern for real estate agents so they can assist their clients better and have a smooth transaction. There are many real estate agents out there that aren’t aware of the process that takes place to issue title insurance and the complications that could come up. Realtors can help the process move along faster if they are aware of some key things to look for and ask their clients. Real estate agents can make the process go quicker and easier if they get as much information as possible in the beginning. For example, find out who the owners are; all of them. Don’t wait until after the title search to find out that a distant, out of state cousin has a percentage of ownership and is on the title to the property. Then you have to track them down and arrange for them to sign their closing documents and this could cause the closing to be delayed. Another example would be a trust. As a real estate agent, if you know the property is held in a trust, try to get a copy of the trust as soon as possible. The title company is going to need the trust to determine who is going to sign the closing documents. Jennifer Ferri has spent several years closing real estate transactions and educating real estate agents, buyers, sellers and investors on the ins and outs of the real estate transaction. She holds multiple classes each month for different real estate offices so they are better prepared to handle their next transaction. To learn more about Title Junction, visit the company's website or connect with owner and operator Jennifer Ferri on Google+.