Experienced criminal lawyer handling Impaired Driving Cases

John Buchanan is a reputed criminal lawyer who is involved in the practice of representing individuals charged with impaired driving in Vancouver and adjoining areas.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – 19th July Vancouver BC: John Buchanan is a criminal lawyer who fights cases in favor of the individuals charged with impaired driving. He has more than 25 years of experience in this field and is serving individuals in an excellent way. The individuals need not to pay anything during their first visit.

One can be caught in a dangerous situation if he or she drives under the influence of alcohol. This situation is termed as impaired driving. Impaired driving cases are increasing on a large scale. As a result, both citizens as well as police have pulled up their socks for punishing individuals involved in this serious crime.

In the previous month, there were around 49 people charged with impaired driving. Out of this, 46 were men while three were women. All of them refused to provide a breath sample. Around thirty-two per cent of individuals caught were under the age of 25. The blood alcohol concentration level of many of them was twice the legal limit of 80 mg%.

In another incident, a man was completely banned from driving a motor vehicle because this was 15th time that he was charged with impaired driving.

About John Buchanan:

John Buchanan, an accomplished criminal defence lawyer has been working in the area of criminal law in Vancouver and nearby areas. He provides legal assistance to individuals who are charged with criminal offences such as impaired driving. In addition to this, he also offer representation to individuals charged with other criminal offences like Assault (domestic and spousal assault); Fraud, theft, Production of Marijuana or some other drugs; Communicating for prostitution etc.