Entangled Publishing, LLC Appoints Heather Howland as Associate Publisher 


Entangled Publishing, LLC has named Heather Howland as Associate Publisher, a newly created position with the growing company. Ms. Howland will be taking over all of the editorial oversight from acquisitions to production to imprint branding and quality control.

Online PR News – 01-April-2014 – Fort Collins, Colorado – Prior to taking the Associate Publisher position, Ms. Howland was the Editorial Director of Brazen, Entangled’s most successful category romance imprint. At the helm of Brazen, she built a strong, recognizable brand, and developed author and reader loyalty, both of which are vital to a successful publishing house. "My passion has always been connecting with authors and enhancing the worlds they create, but equally important to me is developing strategies that give readers the books they love while working to propel an imprint forward," Ms. Howland says. "The prospect of working with each of Entangled’s lines and directly impacting our success is exciting."

Ms. Howland will assume the newly created Associate Publisher position immediately, and will report directly to Liz Pelletier. "Ms. Howland's experience, knowledge, and leadership qualities led her to remarkable success with the Brazen imprint," says Liz Pelletier, Entangled’s Publisher. "She’ll be able to apply these same branding strategies and guidance to the rest of our imprints. This new position will also allow me to focus on corporate strategies, as well as supporting our marketing and publicity efforts—two areas I’m excited to be more involved with on a regular basis."

The prospect of working with each of Entangled’s lines and directly impacting our success is exciting.

Entangled entered the publishing scene in the fall of 2011 with a dream of doing things differently, breaking the mold of traditional New York publishing, and doing right by its authors. Now, just three years later, the company has risen to the top of the publishing world, taking twenty-one of its authors to the USA TODAY bestseller list, and ten to the New York Times bestseller list, as well as garnering myriad awards and hitting other bestseller lists such as The Wall Street Journal and Digital Book World. As a recently recognized publisher within Romance Writers of America, the oldest and largest organization supporting the romance genre and authors, Entangled garnered four RITA ® nominations this year. "As Entangled has grown, so has our need to continue to develop a strong managerial infrastructure," says Ms. Pelletier. "With Ms. Howland as Associate Publisher, and with the strength of our entire team, the future of Entangled continues to be bright."

Ms. Howland is currently accepting applications and interviewing for her replacement as the Editorial Director of the Brazen imprint.

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Entangled Publishing, LLC is an exclusive, boutique publisher of romantic fiction and fiction with romantic elements. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Entangled’s goal is to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing, giving both readers and authors the best of both worlds.

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