New Book Will Help Busy Physicians Achieve More Accurate Neurological Diagnosis

Achieving the proper diagnosis to explain neurologic or psychiatric symptoms can be extremely challenging for clinicians in any field of medicine; yet there are surprisingly few textbooks specifically geared toward differential diagnosis.

Online PR News – 01-April-2014 – Rockville Centre, NY – In the new Cambridge University Press book, Neurologic Differential Diagnosis: A Case-Based Approach, co-editors Alan B. Ettinger, M.D., M.B.A. and Deborah M. Weisbrot, M.D. seek to help the busy clinician achieve an accurate diagnosis based on his or her patients’ neurologic and psychiatric symptoms. The book will be published in April 2014.

“Physicians today have many demands on their time, and we wanted to provide an easy-to-use resource that quickly but comprehensively reminds the healthcare provider of the many diagnostic possibilities that should be considered when a patient presents with neurologic or psychiatric symptoms,” says Dr. Ettinger. “This benefits not just physicians, but their patients as well, as it will help avoid misdiagnoses and diagnostic delays.”

Dr. Ettinger is Epilepsy Director of Neurological Surgery, P.C. (NSPC, Rockville Centre, NY), as well as Director of the Epilepsy Wellness Program, Winthrop University Hospital (Mineola, NY); Director of EEG and Epilepsy, NSLIJ-Huntington Hospital (Huntington, NY); and Professor of Clinical Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Bronx, NY). Dr. Weisbrot is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Outpatient Clinic, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Stony Brook University Medical Center (Stony Brook, NY).

This benefits not just physicians but their patients as well as it will help avoid misdiagnoses and diagnostic delays.

“It is unlikely that the busy neurologist or neurology resident will have the time or inclination to pore through voluminous textbooks in the office or emergency room, looking for clarification of differential diagnosis,” says Dr. Ettinger. “A smaller collection of textbooks specifically devoted to differential diagnosis is available, but many of these consist primarily of lists of diagnoses. Others books are too basic or superficial to be useful in daily practice. That is why we saw the need for this book.”

Drs. Ettinger and Weisbrot seek to provide a highly accessible and pragmatic guide to the vast array of potential causes for neurologic and psychiatric symptoms. Clinicians will readily find, in the alphabetized arrangement of topics, immediate references that remind the clinician of items to check for when faced with complaints of “dizziness,” “mental status change,” or other symptoms. Instead of simple lists of potentially responsible causes for symptoms, each diagnostic possibility is linked to reminders of key elements that will help the clinician decide whether the specific patient’s presentation fits with each possible cause. Every chapter also includes case studies that provide a systematic approach to differentiating the diagnosis of each symptom.

Each chapter is authored by a leading expert (or group of experts) in that specific topic, representing many of the world’s top medical schools. More than 100 relevant topics are covered.

The book should be useful to both experienced and junior neurologists, as well as to internists, family practitioners, emergency physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians who must provide a neurologic or psychiatric diagnosis.

“We hope this book advances the quality of care, ensuring that patients are properly evaluated and treated,” says Dr. Ettinger.

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