My SMS Mantra has touched new heights by newly introduced Mantra Communicator - 2 way sms made simple. It provides its clients service the facility of receiving/sending messages. The task of message sending through excel also becomes as easy as using any other desktop operation.

Online PR News – 20-August-2009 – – Marketing is a key factor in increasing the sales or the promotion of a product. And every business men want to grow their business market and lure the customers by promoting there products, services and company. But with it they also want to save time and money. In particular, there are a plenty of mediums of communication but expensive.

A short message can too work for marketing and advertising in the form of Bulk SMS which has arisen from the bed of modern life. It is the easiest and the fastest growing medium of communicating with the clients. With this service you can send a single SMS to a number of people with just a click without troubling them.

This is a boost in the technology which has made it convenient to send sms by using internet with quickness. It helps in informing the already existing customer about the sales etc and helps in making new ones too.

The advantage of Bulk SMS is:-

1. The message sent does not disturb the recipient.
2. Takes less Time to be delivered.
3. No technical training required.
4. Helpful in sending SMS alerts immediately.
5. Sends important information to the customer with an insurance of reaching him only.
6. At a time a single message can be send to a group of people.
7. Advertisements can also be sent.
8. Easy to use as it is internet based
9. Cost involved is meager.
10. Instant delivery with an instant reply.

Bulk SMS is the easiest way to inform a number of people. The information can be in the form of promotion like discounts and offers. Also it can be used in the form of sending reminders from the side of the banks or greeting your client on his birthday, anniversary or greeting an employee on the birthday of the company. Either can be done with a lot more things.

Bulk sms can be send to the masses in just one click internationally also besides in India. You need a SMS software to send messages across like the Bulk SMS XL or the latest being SMS XL 1.5 plug-in. You just need to write a message in the excel sheet and plug in with mobile phone number list or directly through the internet.

If You are Looking for a provider of Bulk SMS than go to mysmsmantra.com, a micronet group business enterprise and register with them and send free sms in India. It is an inexpensive and easy to use site with no problems. It is an SMS gateway for the users as it helps in sending as well as receipt of messages.

The company correspondent Moneek Mehra states that the company is a provider of this service to a range of companies from banks, textiles, insurance, construction, software etc. They have an experience in this field to provide the best.

It is an assured SMS gateway with many other facilities like giving free software and free SMS. A person with no knowledge about the software can also send a bulk message only if he knows how to operate computer.

Get connected to them and avail the ir service to increase your business and make impress clients.

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