Beverage Time Announces Best Selling Products For Spring 2014

The Range of Supplies by Beverage Time is Testament to the Company’s Excellent Manufacturer

Online PR News – 31-March-2014 – Ontario – The announcement of best selling products is a tradition that many suppliers engage in seasonally or annually. The purpose of these announcements is to show which products have been the most successful in the previous season, a good indication to consumers about what to purchase in the future. Many suppliers find that their best selling products come from a single category. This actually isn’t the most attractive thing to consumers. When the best sellers come from several different product categories, it shows that a supplier has really thought through and tested products from manufacturers that will please their customers and meet their needs best. That is exactly what happened with the Beverage Time team: their best sellers come from a wide variety of product categories, reflecting the team’s expertise at choosing them in the first place.

One of the product categories that Beverage Time excels in delivering on is the kegerator. While it’s easy to think of a kegerator as one element, there are in fact many parts to a keg system. The best sellers in the keg category are the Haier draft beer kegerator and its slightly more upgraded model. The basic model, at the price of $699 allows consumers to treat their guests to ice cold draft beer. It’s equipped to pour the perfect draft with every pull. The slightly more up-market model features a shining silver front and comes in at the still affordable investment price of $840.

In addition to kegerators, gas line jumpers were also best sellers. These are smaller and less complicated products, but the fact that both more complex and simple products are listed means that Beverage Time took exemplary care to choose them. The gas line jumpers come with S/S gear clamps at the price of $5.95. Another simpler product is the Cornelius single gauge CO2 regulator. It’s an economical and reliable gauge regulator with the best working components. At the price of $59, it’s the most effective way to see how much CO2 is flowing.

These best sellers are only the beginning of the list, and of course they are only the tips of the iceberg when it comes to the entire variety of supplies on the site. To learn more about the products, visit

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