Aromhuset's Strawberry gives your mineral water the sweet taste of summer

Now you can drink mineral water with the taste of Strawberry. Gert Strand AB is releasing around 20 essences for carbonated water, including Strawberry, which is expected to have an exciting future. Aromhuset's essences are free from both sugar and artificial sweeteners, while still being rich on taste and flexibility, since they can be mixed with each other in whatever proportions you like.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – Gert Strand AB is now launching the number 1 summer favourite from their range of around 20 flavours for carbonated water - Strawberry! Is there any taste more strongly connected with both festive and cosy summer occasions?

Strand's flavours for mineral water are released under the Aromhuset brand name, and with around 20 essences to mix together it is easy to create interesting and unusual combinations. Strawberry itself works well with many of the other flavours, for example Strawberry and Vanilla give your mineral water a taste that is sweet, soft and summery.

More and more people are swapping regular water for carbonated, and during the last few years there has been a great deal of interest in flavoured mineral water. Sales of flavoured mineral water have risen dramatically, and we are now drinking more of it than natural mineral water. With a few bubbles water feels crisper and is more refreshing than the regular still variety. Carbonation has the added advantage of allowing the water to hold flavour better, so with just a little of Gert Strands essences in your sparkling water you can quickly get a very rich flavour.

Carbonated water keeps best cold, and it is always best to add the flavour a little while before you plan on drinking it. That way the taste has a chance to develop fully, says Strand.

Sweden is something of a world leader when it comes to flavoured mineral water, a concept not found as easily overseas, except possibly carbonated water with a hint of lemon. The selection here is, by comparison, fairly large, and yet there is still much left to do, thinks Strand, who maintains that the selection is still limited and - above all - that the carbonated water found in the shops is often only weakly flavoured. It is certainly a matter of personal taste how much flavour people want in their water, and for that reason alone the selection feels limited - there is no variation in the strength of the flavours.

When you flavour your mineral water yourself with Aromhuset's essences you have the benefit of being able to choose both the taste, or combination of tastes, and the strength. You can then vary this daily according to your whim; sometimes you may feel like a lot of flavour, other times you may prefer a background taste only. If you also carbonate your own water with a Soda Stream you will save money and protect the environment, since you avoid contributing to the environmental costs involved in transporting carbonated water.

Strand's essences can be mixed equally well with shop-bought carbonated water or home-carbonated water. With Aromhuset's essences you have the added advantage of knowing exactly what you are consuming. You avoid the sugar and chemical additives that can cause health problems. You can let your children drink carbonated water without worrying about tooth decay or behavioural problems associated with fluctuating blood sugar levels. Strawberry is a flavour that is often a children's favourite, and is a common addition in everything from candy to juice and marmalade. Strawberry is a taste everybody knows and loves.

Thomas Stroem, a salesman for Gert Strand AB in Sweden, says that Aromhuset is currently on the lookout for new importers at for their successful products, and that Strawberry is expected to be especially popular.

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