Thor Media inc. Bulks Up on Viral Content in their website

Thor Media Inc. updated their site with the best viral content in the web. From optical illusion gifs to creative uses of book covers, the site has a lot of new posts to offer that are proven viral.

Online PR News – 31-March-2014 – California – Los Angeles, California – 03/31/2014 – New posts and fresh articles are now available in Thor Media Inc. updated their site with more viral content that will fascinate and interest readers from all ages. A recently posted viral article features 15 optical illusion gifs. Browse through 15 mind boggling gifs that look like 3D animations. Another viral post shows the creativity of other people in using mundane objects such as a book cover. There are also other viral articles that provide educational information such as their recent post, “18 Tribes that Are Becoming Extinct”. Older articles are also available in the site for first time visitors.

Viral content is defined as any content that spreads quickly on the web similar to a virus would do in real life. The content can be in any form, an article, picture or video that is very funny, controversial or informative that it entices people to share, blog or talk about it in the web. According to Jonah Berger, a viral content author, there are six common factors that can lead to virality. These factors are social currency (does it make you look good?), triggers (are you reminded of it often?), emotion (does it make you feel something?), publicness (are others seeing it?), practical value (is it useful?), and stories (is there a memorable narrative?). With the rising popularity of social media, viral content has become a significant influence among consumers and is being used as a marketing strategy. Some classic viral content has become iconic pop symbols that remained unforgettable to the people. Industries have been applying the technique to their campaigns to reach more audiences with lesser effort. invites readers to submit viral posts to their website. Contributors will be paid for their posts if it passes for quality and content. For more inquiries, visit their or email them at

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