First Asset Class expands its business model with Bespoke Jewellery

First Asset Class are officially announcing their expansion in their business model and product line by adding bespoke jewellery, exclusive rings, earrings, pendants and other bespoke designer jewellery pieces to its products.

Online PR News – 31-March-2014 – London – First Asset Class are officially announcing their expansion in their business model and product line by adding bespoke jewellery, exclusive rings, earrings, pendants and other bespoke designer jewellery pieces to its products. The business expansion fits perfectly into the company’s motto which is “Bespoke Jewellers, Bespoke Lifestyles”. The company is aimed at enriching lifestyles with exclusive jewellery, diamonds and precious metals.

In 2012 the initial foundations of First Asset Class were set for clientele to buy and sell precious metals. With Diamond prices sharply increasing they expanded into sourcing and buying these precious gems with the aim to sell them on behalf of their clients in 2013. Bullion as you know is easily sold over the counter and so are diamonds. However, we noticed a lot of clients only had diamond holdings under a 10 carat weight which becomes a problem when selling them on as a diamond exchange or jewellers desire to purchase a small diamond would be low. Our extensive research, knowledge and associates within the diamond industry showed us that to sell smaller diamonds easily and efficiently you would need to create a bespoke asset such as a ring, necklace or earrings. This increases desire for a smaller diamond and also opens your targeted market to the general public, aiming at stylish individuals or soon to be wedded couples.

The jewellery industry has seen tremendous growth after the global economy up-surged from its recent meltdown. After 2008, with the rise in the economy, the demand for jewellery has increased. People have started looking to place their money into an asset that can be used by them personally. Over the past decade, the global gem and jewellery industry has witnessed striking developments and growth. It has increased income and demand from the world’s economies.

The Bain & Company’s diamond sector analysis’s expect that the demand for natural diamonds will grow at an average annual rate of 5.9 percent until 2020, while supply is estimated to grow only by an average annual rate of 2.7 percent.

“The everyday person works hard all their life with a goal to preserving ones wealth and then passing their wealth on through the generations. My goal is to establish grounds in a business that will allow my clients to achieve those goals and for me to pass my company to my children. For me to achieve that goal it’s very important for my business model to be transparent and the assets we sell to consumers should be able to be resold easily. Diamonds are a fantastic asset to hold to preserve wealth but the everyday person can’t afford to spend millions of pounds on a huge diamond. At some point most people have experienced selling a piece of jewellery to a local jeweller, its simple and it’s easy”. Mr Jack Bone – CEO at First Asset Class.

This year, FAC became a member of the Goldsmith’s Company. Our Jewellery, Gold, Silver and other precious metals are Assay stamped and approved. We are also an established member of The British Jewellery Association (BJA) who is currently celebrating their 125th year in business. All FAC’s jewellery is tested and verified by authentic certifiers. All of our diamonds are certified by either the GIA or the IGI and customers can choose from a range of coloured and clear diamonds with piece of mind.

“We have employed some of the best jewellery designers and consultants who are experienced in crafting exclusive pieces. Consumers can customise their jewellery and adorn to their favourite designs. The jewellery section will include rings, pendants and earrings for now, with the view to expand our range in time.” Mr Bone elaborates.

For the first time in the UK, First Asset Class is developing an online platform for jewellery auctions (Online Fine Auctions). This is expected to be effective in the next 2 months. Rare, antique, collectible jewellery pieces and other expensive and rare jewellery will be auctioned here. Members can upload images and articles about their jewellery and set a minimum bidding amount. Other members will then be able to start the bidding for our client’s pieces. The platform will be perfect for auctioning rare coins, special edition jewellery, distinguished jewellery and rare diamonds. It also offers people the ability to auction their used and unused jewellery on a large network. The auction will also be supported by an automatic bidding feature which will automatically outbid any other buyers when someone else bids higher than you. This feature will function under a set amount fixed by you.

Traditionally, gold has outperformed other metals in the market. The demand for Gold is owned to its value and traditional significance. Platinum jewellery pieces have gained demand due to its high-end value in recent years not only in the prominent markets of Europe such as the UK but worldwide.

About First Asset Class:
Situated in the heart of London’s financial capital of Canary Wharf, First Asset Class provides the biggest savings to clients for the worlds most desired and rarest products. First Asset Class serves clients globally. We offer secure deals in precious metals and jewellery to ensure long-term prospects to our buyers.

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