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Trisha Funk is the financial coach and creator of the 3 Week E-Course Change Your Money Mindset.

Online PR News – 31-March-2014 – Redding, CA – Redding, CA -- Trisha Funk is the financial coach and creator of the 3 Week E-Course Change Your Money Mindset. She has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and small business owners work through their financial issues to create personalized financial plans to get out of debt, launch businesses, and build wealth. According to Trisha Funk, she created Change Your Money mindset to help people with what she says is the biggest obstacle to financial success, their own false beliefs about money and its effects on their financial behavior and financial decisions.

Many people have inquired if Change Your Money Mindset could actually help them address the financial thoughts and money beliefs that have held them back and in response Trisha Funk offered a number of review copies of the course. The response was overwhelmingly positive and according to reports even clients that had worked with her before one on one found the 3 week money management e-course to be well worth their time and money.

The comprehensive Change Your Money Mindset e-course is helpful for those who have worked through many limiting beliefs and abundance issues or those who are just starting out in the process of identifying what financial beliefs need to be healed and what thoughts are hindering them from making money, saving more money, and experiencing true abundance in their lives. The course contains three weekly video lessons as well as step-by-step PDF worksheets that go along with that week’s material and a weekly MP3 download. Providing individuals with the tools to create a financial plan customized to who they are, how they learn, and the financial situation they are currently in, regardless of what that looks like today.

Reviewers reveal, “It provided a very clear cut view of limiting financial beliefs I had on a subconscious level, helped me to heal those beliefs and eliminate the blocks I had towards my money. I’m not stressed out about money anymore and really feel like I relate to my money on a completely different level. It has been a financial transformation and I finally feel like I can live the financial life I deserve.”

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Trisha Funk is a retired financial advisor, stock broker, turned financial coach, author, speaker, and founder of She has helped countless individuals and small business owners reach their financial goals and break financial barriers that limit their level of success in industry and life.

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