A Different Kind of Audio Book

New Fiction offers a new form of audio book for free. It uses actors instead of a reader. They are like modern-day radio dramas.

Online PR News – 30-March-2014 – Redondo Beach. CA 90277 – Your usual audiobook will have a single narratorthroughout the entire story. But New Fiction takes the audiobook to a whole new level. The reader is not alone. Each audiobook has a handful of voice actors who perform the story using rich character voices and realistic sound effects. It will bring you back to the days of the radio shows where actors huddled around a radio microphone and acted out a story.

A great example is a story called “The Fat Cowboy” on the New Fiction website.You can go to http://newfiction.com/audiobook/ This is a hilarious story of a Cowboy conman who is trying to pull off the ultimate score. The folks at New Fiction acquired the services of a handful of actors to get the story really moving. Listen to theone character called “The Fat Cowboy” and see if he nails the role. I think this voice and all the other voices will enable you to enjoy a type of fiction that you’ve never heard before.

Over the last few years,the folks at New Fiction have listened to a variety of audiobooks in the traditional one-reader format. We can honestly say that once you listen to one of our books, you will not go back to that format. The New Fiction approach is so much fun you will laugh for hours. Think about it, who wants to listen to one voice for hours. Boring!!

We also invite you to listen to the music. Each audiobook has its own music that is specifically crafted by musicians to capture the feel of the story. Of course, The Fat Cowboy has a western feel. You will definitely enjoy it even if you are not a fan of country music.

Check out the Fat Cowboy or any of the other stories on New Fiction. The story is at http://newfiction.com/audiobook. For the full library, visit the site at http://newfiction.com .