Avoid Equipment Breakdown And Prevent Acid Formation In Oil By 'XY' Fullers Earth

The Bleaching Earth or Bleaching Clay can be used in many important industries, like the refining of the vegetable and animal oil, the Mineral Oil, and the chemical industry.

Online PR News – 29-March-2014 – Qiuji Town Xuyi County,Jiangsu Province China – Xuyi XinYuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a relationship company (below shorten as “XY”) founded by Peter Qin and Ronnie Qian, the leading producer and exporter of Bleaching Earth. We started our export business since 2009 with a small plant, but after three-year operation, in 2012 we invested in a new and bigger plant for the manufacturing of Activated Clay,in order to serve quality product to our customers worldwide, the total production capacity is around 100000 Tons per year.

Nowadays, the bleaching earth or Bleaching Clay produced by “XY” company can be used in many important industries, like the refinning of the vegetable and animal oil: the bleaching earth can be used to decolorize and refine the edible oil,such as Cottonseed oil, Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Peanut oil, Coconut oil, Corn oil, Olive oil, Ricebran oil, Palm oil, Linseed oil, Castor oil,Canola oil and others Regarding animal oil,presently,our fullers earth can be used for refining fish oil,such as Tuna oil.


Second, the Mineral Oil: the activated clay can be used to decolorize and refine the mineral oil,such as waste oil,used engine oil.

Third, the chemical industry: The white clay or Bentonite can be used as activator,filler,desiccant,sorbent and others.Apart from the above industries,it can be also used in some other industries,such as Medicine,National defence and so on,in today's society,it is becoming more and more,Significant for the development of the whole world.

Presently, our company pay high attention to the markets in South-east Asia,especially in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia,recently,we are working with a well-known multinational trading company to invest in the road tanker in Malaysia for delivering our bentonite to Malaysia,because of huge market of activated bleaching earth in Malaysia,not only in Malaysia,but some other nations,such as Bangladesh,we are also working closely with a native trading company to develop the business of Fuller Earth in this nation.

We understand the importance of quality and service which is the foundation of our business. We try to be a specialist in order to provide the best quality products and services for all of our guests. In order to ensure good quality for our customers, XY company is certified by many famous certifications,we passed the inspection and awarded ISO 9001-2008 certificate in Dec 2013, and certificated as the Halal by China Islamic Association in Nov 2013.

On behalf of our company we guarantee that our valued clients will grow fast together with us simultaneously and continuously based on a long-term and win-win relationship.

About [ Xuyi Xinyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.] we are professional Bleaching Clay supplier and fuller earth.Fuller Earth is the our mail product hot sale in the market.Co-operators and merchants are welcomed worldwide.

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