Colorado Company Opens Personal Use Marijuana Sales to Entire USA- Sells $250,000 of Pot in 5 Days.
03/29/2014 offers up dozens of high quality cannabis strains for retail sale online.

Online PR News – 29-March-2014 – Denver, CO – It's been exactly five days since started shipping personal use cannabis to customers across the entire United States. As you might have expected, the result has been overwhelming. Southern Colorado Marijuana Inc.'s President Roger Hammond tells us "Orders started coming in the first hour we announced the expanded website. We have already had orders from at least 35 states."

That last part begs the question: is shipping non-medicinal marijuana from Denver to people in other states legal? The answer is... sort of. Colorado's recently passed Amendment 64 allows licensed Colorado businesses to sell cannabis to citizens of any state of the union, provided they are over 21. The problem is that possession of marijuana is still illegal in nearly every state, so the customers who make purchases on Southern Colorado Marijuana's are most likely breaking the law once they receive the product. This is none of Southern Colorado Marijuana's concern, according to their terms, which say that it is up to the customer to make sure they are legally allowed to receive the products they order. offers a wide variety of high-grade cannabis, concentrates, and edibles, all shipped right to your door or P.O. box. The company has been running a medical dispensary for over two years, and began selling personal use pot in person on January 1, 2014, the day the new law came into effect. The website opened for sales on March 20th, 2014, and the company reports that they have had sales in excess of $250,000 over the first five days, far dwarfing the amount of marijuana they sell at their brick and mortar store in a given week. Hammond tells us "...we had already massively expanded our growing capabilities in the lead up to January 1st, and after the initial success of the website, we are expanding further". Several strains have already been sold out completely.

How is this Possible?

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and elsewhere have had notorious troubles getting bank accounts, let alone accepting credit cards online for orders to be shipped across the country. So how does "SoCo Marijuana", as they are widely known, accept payments from customers? "Bitcoin", Hammond explains. "All sales through our website are paid for using Bitcoin, which is a digital crypto-currency that has no central issuer." Using the new digital currency allows SoCo to process orders instantly without having to answer to a bank, or to Visa and Mastercard.

So, what about the shipping companies? says that they charge a flat rate for "express" shipping across the United States, but does not name a specific shipper. When asked about shipping Hammond wouldn't get in to many details, saying only "Our cannabis is shipped in smell-proof, stealthy packing material that prevents the temptation of shipping company employees to take special interest in the packages".

Whether buying weed online from a Denver dispensary and getting it shipped around the country is the future of dope, or something that the Denver legislators will outlaw in future amendments, is anyone's guess. For now, Southern Colorado Marijuana's Hammond, and the company's customers, are certainly enjoying the ride.