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Indians have traditionally been shy of opting for the surrogacy route but in recent times

Online PR News – 29-March-2014 – Ilford, Essex, IG4 5DY, UK – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 27th March, 2014, Surrogacy in India is almost as old as the great Indian epics itself. In fact, Indian history is replete with surrogacy instances. In ancient India, aristocracy and royalty often resorted to surrogacy. Of course, back then there was no IVF process; they adopted a more natural process.

Today, childless couples desiring to have children have the option of either donating their own eggs and sperm for the process or using donor eggs and sperms.

Indians have traditionally been shy of opting for the surrogacy route but in recent times, education and changing ethos have made them adapt to more practical means of having children i.e. the surrogacy program.

For the first time now, there are professional agencies and service providers in India who will take care of all IVF and surrogacy needs including:

1. Short-listing donors
2. Short-listing surrogate mothers
3. Short-listing speciality medical facilities
4. Short-listing IVF Surrogacy Specialists
5. Short-listing legal specialist
6. Arranging transportation and stay
7. Post-delivery care for surrogate mother

To help childless couples decide, they have setup a website which is a well-developed site with loads of information. There is also an F.A.Q. page with lots of frequently asked questions answered.

Indiansurrogacy also has an online Forum where you could get in touch with people who have availed of their services. If you are a prospective father or mother you could find out about experiences of other people who have gone through the Indian surrogacy program and benefited from it.

The idea is transparency. Every aspect from helping you select donors and Indian egg donors to helping you with taking your new baby home is handled in a transparent manner. The terms and conditions too are specified so you are not hit with hidden costs.

If you use an Indian donor, then you could return home in just a couple of days. Dr Kadam's Corion Fertility Clinic i.e. Indian surrogacy takes care of the rest. Thereafter, you will need to make one more trip – to take delivery of your new child. Indian surrogacy makes having a child a totally easy and painless experience.