Japan: ResearchPaperz.net Month-Long Focus - Staff Learn about History, Culture, Food

Japan’s arts, culture, and history are celebrated in a month-long immersion at ResearchPaperz.net, to enhance writer’s fund of experience.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – We, here at ResearchPaperz.net, appreciate our Japanese clients, and look forward to more presentations, papers, and other writing projects from these valued customers. To familiarize ResearchPaperz.net writers with this sometimes mysterious culture and people, ResearchPaperz.net will host a month of events with a Japanese theme. Food, history, arts, traditional crafts, will all be featured in at meal-time, in lectures, in demonstrations, and on DVDs, for the ResearchPaperz.net staff to view and absorb. We hope that future ResearchPaperz.net custom writing projects about Japan or for Japanese customers will reflect this increased knowledge and familiarity with the land of the rising sun.

It’s “Arigato” and “Shite Kudasai”, not please or thank you, during Japan month at ResearchPaperz.net! Because we do so much business with Japanese clients, we would like for our staff to become familiar with this important country. ResearchPaperz.net management has therefore arranged a series of special events to highlight aspects of Japanese culture, history, and daily life.

It sure looks different around ResearchPaperz.net’s offices! Not a shoe in sight, bowing from the waist replacing high fives, and the top of the lunch table rests right on the floor; set with chopsticks, bowls, and beautiful bento boxes. There are Japanese magazines on all the surfaces, and a Japanese channel is playing on the TV. Classical and contemporary Japanese music is audible around in the air.

Over this month, ResearchPaperz.net staff will be introduced to practitioners of calligraphy, ichiban, and screen painting. There will be a video presentation on anime, and lectures on Japanese history. Staff can take in a vintage or current Japanese film on DVD.

All this will, we hope, will do more than increase the number of staffers who are addicted to nigri zushi and manga. We expect that this exposure to culture from the Land of the Rising Sun will increase our ease of communication with Japanese customers. The background provided in this month may also leave our writers more knowledgeable and better prepared to address Japanese topics.

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