Konichiwa to Japan at Writing-Services.org for a Month of Writers’ Cultural Immersion

Writing-Services.org introduces a month of Japanese arts and traditions to expand our writers’ cross-cultural knowledge for future writing projects.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – Writing-Services.org says “Kangei”, or welcome, to all aspects of Japanese arts, culture, and history over a full month of events and opportunities. Shoeless, bowing from the waist, seated on the floor for meals served with chopsticks, the writers, editors, and researchers at Writing-Services.org will experience Japanese food and customs. Lectures on Japan’s past and present , demonstrations of traditional crafts, and plenty of manga and anime to look at, will all expand the knowledge base of our writers. Japanese customers and projects, always a significant portion of our business, will benefit from this increased understanding. At Writing-Services.org we try to help our custom writing staff to grow and provided the best possible service to our global customers.

For Writing-Services.org, Japanese customers are a very important segment of our client base. And we appreciate them! In the words of the traditional managerial admonition, “okyaku-sama wa kami-sama desu”. This translates roughly to the effect that the customer is a god. We want our writing, editing and research staff to become conversant with Japanese customs and traditions. To achieve this, a whole month will be set aside for cross-cultural exposure.
This month will see shoeless feet around the office, and low bows will replace the usual casual greetings. Writing-Services.org managers will treat staff to sushi, sashimi, yakito, miso soup, and other simple Japanese dishes.

We will cover Japanese history in several presentations. Videos of classic films (Kurosawa to the original Godzilla), anime, current television programs, Bunraku puppetry, and Kabuki and No theatre productions will be on hand. We will also have recordings of Japanese music; traditional, as well as j-pop, and enka.

Demonstrations will introduce Japanese arts and crafts, such as calligraphy, Ikebana, bonsai, and paper-folding. Writing-Services.org staff will take away at least one example of origami to hang over our desk.
This souvenir of our cultural immersion will remind Writing-Services.org staff of knowledge gained, long after we have stopped saying “shitsurei shimasu”, when we leave! This familiarity will be reflected in our work on Japanese topics and projects.

Of course, we have customers from all over the globe, as well as writers internationally as well.
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