SmartShef Silicon Cooking Mats Launched Specifically On

New cooking sheets smart-technology providing customers additional time for themselves and much less time in the kitchen - SmartShef Silicone Baking Mats available now.

Online PR News – 29-March-2014 – Bowling Green/KY – The SmartShef silicone baking mats struck the online shelves on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 on The baking sheets are being made use of to cook biscuits, pizza, cookies, frozen meals or even french fries. It also offers a perfect work area for rolling out dough, making confections, breads or working a pie shell. Users and testers of the product have actually been definitely excited by its efficiency, as have several expert cooks that have actually been using these sheets for years.

For only $25.00, SmartShef is a silicone bakeware product that offers a convenient, non-stick area. The silicone baking sheets are expertly rated to endure heat temperature levels around 480-degrees Fahrenheit, and could be moved from the freezer to the stove, microwave, or toaster oven without any kind of concerns. With its smart-technology, the baking sheets dissipate warmth rapidly providing an also warmth distribution so with every usage customers could acquire consistent browning without blistering or burning. They are eco-friendly, removing the demand for food preparation sprays, oil, parchment paper, or light weight aluminum foil.

These baking sheets are made from the best material; FDA approved, food grade silicone enhanced with fiberglass. The sheets are versatile enough to roll for easy storage space or may be kept level. SmartShef sheets are also non-porous and hence they will not maintain smells or flavors of recently prepared foods. Each baking mat offers easy clean up by just cleaning them with warm soapy water, rinsing and allowing them to air dry. The SmartShef Firm also guarantees their silicone bakeware for 3,000 usages, conserving customers money. For more information visit: